Epic Games are feeling the pressure since the release of Warzone.

19:00, 20 Apr 2020

There’s no arguing that Fortnite is among the biggest games in the world. For a time, it could even be considered the biggest video game in the world, garnering millions of players every day. However, things have gone downhill quite quickly for Epic Games and Fortnite, allowing for other battle royales to capture gamer’s attention. Among those new titles is Call of Duty: Warzone, which is the Modern Warfare battle royale spinoff. Has Warzone already surpassed Fortnite in terms of gameplay or does Fortnite still hold the edge?

Making the case for Fortnite

For many current players, there’s not really a case to be made in the Warzone vs Fortnite debate. Fortnite is, and seemingly always will be the top battle royale on the market. This mindset is entrenched in many fan’s minds thanks to nearly three years of playtime.

However, recently, Fortnite hasn’t looked too great. Sure, Epic Games is providing weekly updates again but there’s still no patch notes and not a ton of new content. Still, the core of Fortnite remains the same and that’s what everyone fell in love with back in 2017. From the building to the crazy weapons and items, you can still feel the old days of Fortnite in its current state.

Of course, things have gotten more intense since 2017. The lobbies, even in casual playlists, are sweatier than ever which has driven some of the player base away. Though, when you get down to it, Fortnite can still be enjoyed by a wide array of players and implements the same mechanics as it did when it first launched.

Making the case for Warzone

Warzone or Fortnite which is better

The new battle royale on the market, Warzone exploded upon release, reaching 5 million players in less than a week. Thanks to many innovations and smooth gameplay, Warzone became one of the most-watched, and played, game in late March.


From the Buy Stations to the Gulag, fans were enthralled with the changes Activision made to the battle royale genre. Pair this will the classic feel of a Call of Duty FPS and you have a fantastic game on your hands. Also, the Verdansk map makes for an enjoyable playing experience if you know where the right spots are.

While the launch of Warzone went over smooth, the post-launch for the battle royale has been a bit rockier. Cheaters are running rampant and vehicles are still an issue for many players. If Infinity Ward and Activision can find a way to mitigate both of these problems, Warzone might hold the edge in the Warzone vs Fortnite battle. There are simply too many lingering issues with Fortnite that Epic Games have still yet to fix. Warzone provides a smoother experience and with a few adjustments, could be the next big thing in gaming.



Images via Activision & Epic Games

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