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16:00, 13 Mar 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone, the new Battle Royale from Activision features 150 players facing off in teams of three on a huge map named Verdansk. As with any BR, you gotta loot up, watch out for enemies, and secure the victory.

We’ve compiled a few handy general tips and tricks for jumping into Warzone for the first time.

Dropping In

  • Skydiving and parachuting don’t get you very far, so jump at the last possible moment over your desired drop zone.
  • You also do not jump as a unit, so make sure to keep an eye on your teammates!

The Gulag

The Gulag is a Prisoner of War jail where you end up if you’re eliminated early on in a match. Once there, you can fight another eliminated player for the chance to respawn. You spawn in with one gun, melee capability, and two grenades (special and tactical).

  • If your opponent isn’t pushing, you can secure your place in the match by holding the middle area where a flag is positioned until the 15 seconds is up.
  • Try to use your grenades strategically, throw one, then push on the opposite side.

The Storm

  • The storm HURTS. Don’t try to out-heal it, keep an eye on the zone timer.
  • Gas masks can be found in Supply Crates in buildings, and provide ten seconds of immunity to the storm in a pinch.

Extra Cash

  • Go for the Contracts for extra cash to use at Buy Stations to purchase Killstreaks and special items.

Supply Drops

  • Be wary of drops, some teams will camp supply drops, lying in wait to ambush. The best method is to purchase Tracking so you can scope out the area on approach.

Be Prepared to Play For As Long as it Takes

  • The average length of a game of Warzone BR is 25-30 mins, longer than the average Apex Legends game (15-20 minutes) or Fortnite (15 minutes).

Make sure to remember these handy tips & tricks for your next Warzone match!

Image via Activision

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