Treyarch has since launched an investigation and offered advice on a quick fix.

12:49, 08 Apr 2021

Ah yes, the good old Warzone updates that are incredibly dense just for the sake of deploying a new weapon that nobody wants, almost like Moses parting the Red Sea just for a single Israelite to cross who would have preferred a dip in the ocean.

Often ranging from anywhere between 30GB to 150GB, the updates can be gargantuan, leaving many players no alternative but to purge other games from their hard drives - who needs Fortnite these days anyway?

However, it appears that more salt has been added to the open wound of having to do the mass updates, as some players are reporting that they are having to install the latest patch multiple times.

Players on consoles have been found to be having to reinstall the update multiple times, which has since been flagged as an issue by Treyarch.


Treyarch has since updated their public Trello Board with a method on how players can get around having to continue to install the same patch. Posting on its own card, the developers stated:

  • Let both [updates] install
  • Launch the game
  • Go to DLC Management screen (R3/RS) from the Main menu or via the Settings menu
  • Install both Campaign Packs, & Special Ops Packs

Treyarch has indicated that this quick fix should eliminate the problem, although they are investigating further with the hope of rolling out a permanent fix. 

The Trello board also indicates that the invisibility glitch, that resulted in the pulling of the player-controlled attack helicopters in Warzone, is still being investigated too, potentially hinting at their return in the future.



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Image via Activision

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