Another cheater cull has warned Call of Duty: Warzone players that Activision isn't taking any prisoners in the battle royale title.

08:50, 18 Oct 2020

Further proving that cheaters never prosper, Call of Duty: Warzone players have been warned even more bans are on the way.

Since the battle royale title's release in March this year, Activision has been plagued with problems when it comes to glitches and exploits, but much more than that, waves of cheaters who actively seek out ways to bypass the system and give them a leg up over the competition. 

Although there's been a lot of publicity for cheating in professional tournaments, there's been less of an emphasis on casual play. As more and more honest players brand Warzone "unplayable", there's good news as another cheating cull has seemingly banned the next crop of unscrupulous gamers. 


IW sent me some good news today regarding the stim abuser that stole my win few days ago. REPORTING WORKS BOYS ! ! ! from r/CODWarzone

Posting on Reddit, u/flyingkiwi46 showed off the Call of Duty "Banned Players" bulletin. It comes as more and more players are reporting an increase in these notifications.


Although the bulletin won't tell you who was banned or why, the redditor used their common sense to deduce it was a rival they reported for the stim pack exploit in the fog. The exploit has just been patched, but back when it was active, it allowed teams to survive forever in the deadly green smog with an unlimited supply of Stim Shots.

When u/flyingkiwi46 dug a little deeper, they noted on COD Tracker that the cheater hadn't been active for several days. They had been a continuous player up until a certain point, and even though it isn't a definite yes they were banned, it's pretty likely.

In the comments, others noted that they'd repeatedly reported players and still never received the "Banned Players" bulletin. Elsewhere, there are complaints that some abuse the function to simply report anyone who beats them fairly in a match.


Despite a positive uptick in bans, there are still those that don't believe reporting cheaters to Activision has any effect. Just like Twitch's shadowy process that surrounds banning streamers and why, it doesn't look like Activision will ever fully lift the lid on how Call of Duty: Warzone banning works. Still, a permanent ban is just that, meaning you should make sure you're playing as honestly as possible and avoid using cheats at every turn. 

Only recently, Activision launched legal proceedings against a well-known cheat site that was making a living from selling cheats to anyone who wanted to use them in the game. Now, the latest moves come a month after 20,000 accounts were banned for cheating - proving that developers and Activision aren't taking this one lying down. 



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