A guide on how to land in Call of Duty: Warzone to give you a competitive edge

15:00, 21 Mar 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone has taken the gaming network by storm, bringing over 15 million players to the screen on the first day alone. Whilst pro-players and streamers have become experts already, here’s a quick guide on landing for those who haven’t had much practice.

Landing in the right location is crucial to how your game starts and progresses. There are many hot spots for landing in Verdansk such as Stadium and Atlas Superstore, but these will be filled by more experienced players. Places on the outskirts of the storm circle will prove beneficial to new payers as they will be slightly less populated with the prospect of still acquiring good loot. This will give you more opportunity to build up your cash stores and set you up for the later stages of the game.

Deployment is also very important. Unlike Apex Legends and Fortnite, skydiving and parachuting doesn’t get you very far, so diving late is key. Parachuting late is also recommended as you want to get as close to the ground as possible before gliding. There will be a notice for you to open early, however, if you can fight the urge to follow instructions you will benefit from opening the parachute late.

Call Of Duty Warzone Map Cod Battle Royalejpg

When in Trios it’s worth pinging your landing location on the map too, as unlike other Battle-Royale games, you deploy on your own rather than with your squad. Communication or pinging locations ensures that you don’t get split up from your squadmates which usually results in fatalities. 

Landing near a Buy Station may also give you a tactical edge, as if you can grab enough cash at the start of the game, being near a Buy Station will enable you to have quick access to loadouts and Scorestreaks.

For further tips and tricks on how to succeed in Call of Duty: Warzone, keep an eye out here at GGRecon.

Image via Activision
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