Call Of Duty Sales Have Plummeted In The UK

Call Of Duty Sales Have Plummeted In The UK
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15th Nov 2021 11:03

While game sales don't often contribute much to the history and legacy of video games themselves unless you're E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial on the Atari 2600, it's still fascinating to see how they impact their respective gaming companies. Often, great sales mean sequels - and without support from fans, video game series lay dead in the water.

One constant, though, is that the Call of Duty franchise will always sit atop the castle - always getting assured sales much akin to the FIFA series. However, that might be about to change.

Call Of Duty Sales Tank In The UK

Call of Duty Sales Have Plummeted in The UK
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Sledgehammer Games

A new report has revealed that overall, sales for the Call of Duty franchise has rapidly decreased so far in 2021. It has been revealed by that Vanguard, the newest instalment in the popular shooter franchise has so far sold 40% less than its predecessor, Black Ops Cold War could, in the same amount of time in the UK.

The game was still the best-selling of the week upon launch and is the second-highest selling game of the year already. Still, it's taken a serious hit from its previous highs last year. It is only FIFA 22 that has topped it with launch sales so far.

It's natural to presume that Vanguard wouldn't perform quite as well as its cohorts, especially as the game is set in World War II. The Call of Duty titles that are already a part of a series (Black Ops, Modern Warfare) are always the ones that soar the highest, but a 40% dip is still a hell of a tank for the series to make.

What Do Call Of Duty Sales Mean For Vanguard?

Though Vanguard is selling well, it's not quite up there in the context of Call of Duty at large, and could spell trouble for the Vanguard sequel that the game's team is hoping for.

Historically, Call of Duty hasn't returned to the narratives they've created set in the Second World War, so a sequel might not be on the cards anyway - but this revelation could be further ammunition for Sledgehammer Games to take. Only time will tell of course, but this is not good news for the teams behind Vanguard.

The future of Vanguard remains to be seen, but there's every chance that this means the future of the latest chapter could be in jeopardy.


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