Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff has created a Call of Duty AMAX loadout video that's being called 'too powerful'.

11:06, 12 Oct 2020

Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff has caused a stir in the Call of Duty community with a powerful new loadout that is so strong, pro players have asked him to take down a video outlining how it can be replicated. This time, the FaZe Clan favourite has put the CR-56 AMAX firmly in his crosshairs and delivered what could be his most devastating loadout to date. With this in mind, the video has caught the attention of the wider playerbase and this latest controversy.

Kolcheff has branded the CR-56 AMAX as the new Kilo 141 and shown players how they can get this OP loadout. Unsurprisingly, this has led to calls for him to take the video down. Considering NICKMERCS has 3.05 million subscribers on YouTube AND created an M4 loadout with no recoil only last month, his latest video has become quite the talking point.


NICKMERCS is up there with the very best Call of Duty players and has become something of a weapons expert. Among his critics are Joseph "AverageJoeWo" Wohala, who took to Twitter and asked NICKMERCS to pull the video. Discussing the souped-up CR-56 AMAX, Wohala joked, "Please delete your Amax video I will do literally anything". Even if it was just a bit of fun, other streamers echoed the sentiment as Twitcher DiazBiffle added, "I second this". 

Not everyone agreed though, one supporter wrote, "Nah, I’d prefer for everyone to run the AMAX. Kilo can destroy the typical AMAX user". Another added, "Only top tier players will use this consistently, most people can’t control that recoil from more than close to mid-range. We should be fine lol". Given that NICKMERCS' video currently has 674k views and shows no sign of slowing down, we aren't expecting him to remove it. 

While Season 6 nerfed the AS Val and SP-R208 because they seemed broken, this CR-56 AMAX loadout looks to be legitimate - if frustrating for some players. Even if there are fears the devastating loadout could lead to a new meta, it looks like we'll have to get used to it.

NICKMERCS hasn't currently responded to JoeWo's offer to do "anything", so we'll keep you updated on whether he takes him up on the offer.


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Images via NICKMERCS

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