Treyarch has revealed the latest Call of Duty patch notes, which offer some much-needed improvements for PlayStation owners and Zombies fans.

14:10, 13 Jan 2021

It's a new month and a new update for Call of Duty fans, as the latest Black Ops Cold War patch notes reveal what's been tweaked out there in the Soviet shooter.

Activision has plenty of major franchises under its belt, but when it comes to CoD, it's the goose that laid the golden egg. Following on from the success of Modern Warfare in 2019, Cold War had big shoes to fill - especially with Warzone having taken off so much in 2020. Treyarch was back in the saddle and promised the biggest Call of Duty game ever.

Despite criticisms about a lack of substance in the main campaign, and a measly Zombies roadmap, Cold War was a huge hit for the studio and has continued to blossom while other 2020 titles have struggled. Despite its late entry to the party toward the end of the year, Cold War smashed targets and even became the best-selling game of 2020 in the USA.

eWith this in mind, Treyarch has kept its finger on the pulse with what players want by delivering regular patch updates. If you're ready, here's what's just parachuted in. 


Call of Duty patch notes: What's new?


Following the surprise update, Treyarch has released the patch notes for fans to dig a little deeper. In particular, the Call of Duty patch notes highlight some big changes for PlayStation 5 owners thanks to stability fixes. Namely, those who can't get enough of Zombies on PS5 should look to the patch notes for improvements. Given the game's exclusivity deal with Sony for Zombies Onslaught, it makes sense that devs are throwing a little extra effort PlayStation's way.

Treyarch confirmed the update has added "general stability improvements specific to PlayStation 5" - especially surrounding Zombies, Dead Ops Arcade, and a duplicate weapon exploit that's been doing the rounds on "Die Maschine". Sorry gang, no more duplicate Ray Gun for you. Added to this, there will be some much-loved Double XP starting this Friday (January 15) as part of a celebratory "115 Day". Treyarch had been teasing new Zombies content was on the way, and safe to say, we're "hungry" for some fresh meat. 


Call of Duty patch notes: What else is new?


As with any modern game, there have been a few teething problems. However, it's undoubtedly frustrating for Xbox players to see Treyarch putting so much into the PS5 version. The Xbox Series X version of Cold War has faced the biggest issues so far, and while some fans have managed to circumnavigate the growing number of match crashes (via Reddit), devs are yet to officially address them with a patch. The latest update adds further fuel to the fire that Xbox owners are being left out in the cold (war). 

The full patch notes are as follows:



General stability improvements specific to PlayStation 5.





Various stability fixes.


Die Machine

Closed an exploit that permitted duplication of the player’s weapon.

Dead Ops Arcade 3

Various stability fixes.



Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is well underway as the game also integrates into the ever-popular Warzone with Rebirth Island. While we wait for the inevitable mid-season refresh, expect the minor updates to keep coming as Treyarch tries to ensure the first-person shooter runs as it's supposed to.

Admittedly, none of the above is groundbreaking or really game-fixing, but it shows the team is committed. With a Zombies celebration and mid-season refresh coming before the week is out, we're hoping the surprise patch update will be just the tip of the iceberg. 



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