Get ready for a giant in-game water fight

13:08, 30 Jul 2020

It's a case of here comes the sun as Activision has just dropped its Call of Duty: Mobile Days of Summer event. Although we're well into Season 8, the popular mobile game has released a tonne of new content, skins, and missions to keep you all tapping away while imagining you're lounging on a beach.

A recent tease hinted that Days of Summer could be on the way, but until now, players didn't know what exactly was on the way. The biggest reveal is the H2O skin for the Purifier - which effectively makes the gun look like a giant water gun. Unlike most Call of Duty: Mobile skins being cosmetic, the Legendary H2O skin actually changes the whole appearance of the weapon. 


To unlock the H2O skin, you have to complete 12 in-game challenges, which are listed below: 

  • Play 3 Juggernaut Matches
  • Play 10 Juggernaut Matches
  • Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Kill 15 Enemies on it
  • Select the Highrise map in MP-Featured and Play 5 MP Matches with Friends on it
  • Kill 30 Enemies in Juggernaut Matches
  • Stay Online for 15 min in total
  • Stay Online for 30 min in total
  • Stay Online for 45 min in total
  • Stay Online for 60 min in total
  • Play 3 Gunfight Matches
  • Send 5 XP cards to Friends
  • Play 5 Kill Confirmed Matches
Days of Summer

There's a notable emphasis on Season 8's Juggernaut event, but it's important to note Activision wants players from every ability to be able to take part. Most challenges will be easy to smash out in one sitting, however, others will take a little more work.


Even though the Purifier unlock is the big draw, other random items can be earned just by playing. Also, remember, that while the Purifer might look like a cute water pistol with its new skin, it's still a deadly addition to any arsenal.

If you stick with the Days of Summer event, you might also be able to pick up a sunshine-themed SMRS- Barrier Reef, Frag Grenade- Water Festival, or CODM Credits. There's no news on when the Call of Duty Days of Summer event will come to an end, so play while you can. 

Images via Activision

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