Call of Duty: Mobile players will soon be able to sport the Diamond Weapon Camo alongside Damascus.

15:57, 14 Oct 2020

Call of Duty: Mobile has continued to combine the best elements from the console games into one perfect mashup. This time, they have dipped their hands back into the biscuit tin and pulled a custard cream from Black Ops 2, and a Viennese whirl from Modern Warfare 2019. 

Activision has revealed in a post on Reddit that classic top tier camouflages will be gracing smartphones worldwide, as part of the Season 11 update.

As Call of Duty players may know, you can unlock mastery camos for finishing a range of missions and tasks, such as getting a number of headshots or double kills. In Black Ops 2, players would be rewarded with a brilliant golden and diamond-studded weapon skin, and Modern Warfare players will be familiar with the endless grind for Damascus. Both of these allowed you to swagger around the maps with the biggest ego boost and just a glint of the diamonds was enough to send tremors through the boots of opponents.

Well, both camps will be heading to Call of Duty: Mobile.

KN-44 Damascus Camo Call of Duty: Mobile
KN-44 Damascus Camo Call of Duty: Mobile | Via Activision

Activision stated: "We have decided to release Damascus today in this update! However, we also have one other final/top tier camos coming down the road in another in-game update: Diamond". This also confirms that both camps will be final/top tier, meaning that they won't be purchasable and players will have to jump on the grind to be rewarded with this flashy bling.

It now means that COD: Mobile players will have to unlock both Gold and Platinum to acquire these, which will take players hours of in-game time to do so. 

Season 11 will also add more ranked rewards, classic scorestreaks and maps being implemented, as well as a brand new battle royale game mode and much more.


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Image via Activision

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