Following the cancellations of LAN events due to COVID-19. The CDL is back and this time with all games broadcasted remotely.

20:32, 06 Apr 2020

After a hiatus of over a month, the Call of Duty League is back in action. Though the COVID-19 outbreak has caused the league to veer away from live homestands, that doesn’t mean the competition stops. From now until the end of the season, the CDL will compete in nine online events hosted by different organizations. These are the same events that would have taken place at the live homestands, so the same teams will be competing. However, the players will play from the comforts of their own homes or designated training facilities.

Updated CDL 2020 Schedule

The Call of Duty League is set to start again this weekend, on April 10-12, with the Dallas Empire homestand. There will be three matches on Friday, April 10, followed by seven on Saturday, April 11, and three more on Sunday, April 12. The CDL appears to be following the format set forth by Minnesota at the Launch Weekend event.

Since online matches tend to take longer to set up due to every player being on a different connection, the CDL obviously felt best about moving to a three-day format. There’s no doubt that some unforeseen complications will arise, but hopefully, the league can iron out those issues with future events. Below, you can see when each remaining homestand will take place.

CDL 2020 Schedule

In CDL Challengers news, the league has stated it plans to put on five two-day events with $50,000 up for grabs in each tournament. These events will take place across all three regions, being North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. If you’re interested in competing in one of these events, you can find additional details on the CDL website.

While this isn’t how the CDL envisioned its first season unfolding, it’s good to see that there’s still some Call of Duty to be played. Let’s hope the second half of the season is as exciting as the first half was.


Images via Call of Duty League.

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