The latest leaks for Sledgehammer Gaming's 2021 title suggest it will be called Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare.

15:40, 17 Feb 2021

It is not even a full week since the Call of Duty 2021 season kicked off, embarking on months of the best Black Ops Cold War action on offer, but streams of leaks for the next title are pouring in like a crack in the Hoover Dam.

Just as Activision looked to plug the hole of the barrage of rumours surfacing with a timely Season 2 announcement and trailer, leakers have continued to do the dirty work and look towards the next instalment of the Call of Duty franchise. Seemingly in the hands of Sledgehammer Games after a resounding u-turn, since they were axed due to a proportionately disappointing World War II title and the divisive Advanced Warfare, it now appears the developers are edging their best towards boots on the ground battles again.

According to esteemed leaker Tom Henderson, aka LongSensation, if the next title is not set in the future, the action will resemble a giant ape-like mammal and soldiers.

Unless the developers are opting for Baboons vs Bafoons, two plus two in this instance has come with the answer of Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare

Previous leaks that surfaced suggested that Call of Duty: 2021 will reportedly be set in the 1950s to tie in with the Korean Civil War, which also coincides with the Guerrilla Warfare tactics. However, more befitting would be a revisit to the Vietnam theme which was where the guerrilla tactics were most prevalent.

With Sledgehammer Games previously having a title axed from way back in 2009 named Call of Duty: Fog of War, which was based in Vietnam, it may be that the developers are revisiting this and bringing it into the modern-day.

Call of Duty 2021 Will Reportedly Be Set In The 1950s Related - Call of Duty 2021 Will Reportedly Be Set In The 1950s

Other leaks suggest a similar timeframe although a decade earlier. Another reliable leaker "Victor__Z" has teased that Sledgehammer is working on something related to World War 2 again. Whether this is a direct sequel to their original title kicking on with the same storyline or diversifying to the proxy wars that followed, is yet to be seen. 

Either way, all fingers are pointing towards either the late 40s or 50s at the forefront of Call of Duty: 2021.


With the title of Guerrilla Warfare, maybe the Los Angeles Guerrillas could be set to knock the crown off Dallas Empire in the CDL's third season.



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