Prepare to be shocked, literally.

17:45, 21 Jan 2021

Edward Richtofen was a complicated man, with a complicated mind, and complicated life. After discovering the power of Element 115 in the Call of Duty aether chronicles, Dr. Richtofen found himself on Der Riese, slowly being corrupted at the mind whilst using the power of the element to harness mass destruction.

Employed by the Illuminati, the doctor began to develop weapons and teleportation devices using 115, in a bid to diminish the German threat during World War Two. Alongside fellow doctor, Ludwig Maxis of Group 935, Richtofen's study of the unknown element was put to good use, and together they built a wonder weapon of mad destruction: the Wunderwaffe DG-2. 

However, with Richthofen's disintegrating mind, the two became twisted and power-hungry. Soon, they collided and Richtofen doomed Maxist, his daughter Samantha, and their dog Fluffy to the undead, creating a horde of zombies. The Wunderwaffe became Richtofen's greatest weapon and is known as the most powerful zombie killing machine in Call of Duty.

If only you could have a fully functioning one too, huh? I'm sure students would love to peril their teachers, and teachers to distinguish their students - do your homework guys.

Well, YouTuber Nick Martinelli has now created a real-life Wunderwaffe DG-2, and it's incredible.


The process began with a 3D printer carving out many of the pieces for the body, followed by the engraving of a wooden block into the shape of the stock. From there, with the help of some powerful red-hot tools, he was able to mould the minute details of the weapon, even adding a taser for the electric bolt and a flamethrower to replace an electric shock that would likely decimate his office.

The YouTube sensation did have to scale back on some of the damage that it could cause, originally planning to mock the electric bolts by allowing it to shoot batteries, although the chamber was too small. 

The final design was flawless, with the attention to detail being minute. If only these could hit the stores. Nick, I hope Monkey Bombs are coming next.



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Image via Nick Martinelli

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