Treyarch are developers of the best ever ranked system in CoD history, and they need to implement it into 'Black Ops Cold War'

18:00, 14 Jun 2020

Call of Duty: Cold War is set to be coming to our screens in 2020, with developers, Treyarch, keeping an announcement under wraps. So far, we have learnt that there will be remastered maps, zombies, and a campaign based around the Cold War. However, one element of the game is eluding us: ranked play.

Each Call of Duty game in the past has had some form of competitive game modes, such as Modern Warfare’s CDL playlist and Game Battles playlist. One thing is missing though, and it highlights a major criticism of previous Call of Duties in Skill Based Match Making.

Ranked play would eliminate the need for SBMM allowing players to compete in lobbies against players in similar skill ranks, and not get shredded by better players whilst having terrible teammates. Public lobbies should be a mixed ability playlist, pitching players in together at random, then focusing a ranked playlist for players who want to better themselves and play against players of whom are similar abilities to themselves.

The one ranked playlist which worked best so far and is desired by many of the Call of Duty player base, was Black Ops 2’s ‘League Play’.

League Play was a competitive playlist featuring the same maps and game modes as the professional circuit, emulating the pro scene. It would place players into five placement matches to determine their ‘skill rank’ and place them into a league with other players of the same ability. There were six ranks in total to achieve:

The Six Ranks From left to right: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Master

Winning more games could see you get promoted to a higher rank, with goals to achieve for all players. Furthermore, within each league that you were placed in, there was a points system to become top of your league, giving players the opportunity to grind out wins and gain points through games. Each win/loss would add/deduct points from your overall score, adding much more competition to games, creating arguably the best-ranked playlist ever seen in Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare players have cried out for a better combat to SBMM, with ranked play being the best option where players can intentionally play against better players, rather than having to try-hard every single game.

The CDL playlist does offer a good battleground for competitive players withing Modern Warfare, however, the playlist offers nothing to grind towards, making it merely another game mode, against better players, with some maps and weapons banned. Emulating a League Play-styled ranking system is something that many players want.

Treyarch were the developers of League Play, and despite its success, it has never been implemented since. After years of increasing skill gaps between the casual and pro scenes, a League Play ranked mode would be welcomed with open arms in Call of Duty: Cold War and Treyarch already hold the key.

In recent Call of Duty news, Treyarch has already met with the professional players, outlining the importance of the competitive scene, which could mean that they will look to implement a ranked system to support the Call of Duty League, and look to bridge the skill gap, whilst having a more competitive game in general.

Call of Duty: Cold War is now the latest announcement of any Call of Duty in history, hopefully, due to having to implement such playlists. With hope, an announcement for the highly-anticipated game won’t be too far away, and we can all begin the hype towards the next instalment of our favourite franchise.

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