The widely anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has fans impatiently mining their files, finding some exciting news...

15:00, 20 Jul 2020

Entering August, the ‘Black Ops Cold War’ title is now the Call of Duty instalment with the latest announcement in the history of the franchise. With announcements for titles usually coming in April or May, the community has taken to datamining the files of the upcoming game to release information as the impatient fan base awaits.

In recent Call of Duty news, we have previously found leaked information regarding the Zombies and the Weapons, and now dataminers have leaked maps, campaign missions and regions for the new Warzone map. With ‘The Red Door’ now appearing on the Xbox store, as well as the Playstation store where it had been visible since 9th July, there has been an increase in files to mine and information to be leaked.

So here’s what we know about Call of Duty: ‘Black Ops Cold War’ so far…


Campaign Missions

Dataminer, Prototype Warehouse, found thirteen campaign missions in the files for the next Call of Duty:

  • K.G.B (Russia)
  • Siege (Russia)
  • Yamantau (Russia)
  • Takedown 
  • Tundra
  • Hub (Germany)
  • Hub 8 (Germany)
  • Steakout (Germany)
  • Armada (Vietnam)
  • Prisoner (Vietnam)
  • Revoltucion (Nicaragua)
  • Amerika (Russia)
  • Duga (Russia)

Eleven of thirteen missions have the countries located in them, backing up the Cold War theme which was most prominent in Russia, Eastern Europe and proxy wars such as Vietnam. 

Thirteen missions will see Black Ops Cold War have one of the shortest campaigns we’ve seen throughout Treyarch’s titles, meaning it is likely that they’ll either be very long or there’s more to be found. 


Multiplayer Maps

Prototype Warehouse also found eight multiplayer maps names within the files:

  • Black Sea
  • Cartel
  • K.G.B
  • Miami
  • Moscow
  • Satellite
  • Tank 
  • Tundra 

With no images to match these as of yet, footage has previously been released on the map ‘Tank’. In an untextured version of the map, players had been able to wander around Tank, which drew comparisons to the Call of Duty: Ghosts map, Sovereign.

Warzone Battle Image 19jpg1

Warzone Map Regions

It has been widely speculated that Warzone will have a new map, with the nuclear bomb in Bunker 11 set to destroy the map and relocate Warzone players to coincide with the release of ‘Black Ops Cold War’. Previously rumoured to be set in Urzikstan, new rumours have circulated with the map actually being set in London, colluding with maps such as Hardhat, Piccadilly and Cheshire Gardens.

The leaked regions tend to suit the first theory, with them being called:

  • Duga 
  • Forest
  • Russia
  • Ski Slopes

These are seemingly areas just as we have Promenade East, Storage Town and Prison in Verdansk, although ‘Russia’ hints at these areas being much larger.
The announcement for Call of Duty: ‘Black Ops Cold War’ is set to be announced in August at a Summer Games, however, it is often the case that Activision will keep us on our toes between now and then. 

Stay tuned at GGRecon for all your latest Call of Duty news.

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