Here's how you can achieve one of both delightfully strange endings to Bugsnax.

18:00, 10 Dec 2020

Bugsnax is, by far, one of the strangest and most interesting games of the year. It also had the catchiest theme we've heard in some time, which you've likely bobbed your head to at one point or another. But beneath its cutesy exterior lies some decidedly dark themes. These can be seen particularly within the game's two distinct endings, which you may only have seen one of when completing the game.

If you're looking to see both endings, we've got you covered. You can take a deep dive into what this surface-level adorable game has to offer without having to go back and finish the game again, as both endings (and how to get them) are laid out right here for you. If you're ready to see the saga of Snaktooth Island come to an end, keep reading.

Caution: Major spoilers for Bugsnax follow. 

What happens throughout the main Bugsnax story?

For the uninitiated, the world of Bugsnax is one that's teeming with the titular characters, which you can eat. There's also the more sentient race known as the Grumpuses, who have a penchant for chowing down on Bugsnax, as they're extremely delicious. Once eaten, the Bugsnax change a part of the Grumpus's body. An arm might turn into a curly fry or a leg into a strawberry, depending on what kind of Bugsnax creature is eaten. There's an entire island of them, which explorer Lizbert Megafig ends up discovering, and that's where you, the player, comes in. 

When Lizbert disappears, you've got to figure out where she's gone, and that takes you on a journey all throughout Snaktooth Island to further explore Snaxberg. It's been destroyed, however, after Lizbert's disappearance. Players work together with the citizens of Snaktooth Island to rebuild it and find Lizbert. Unfortunately, there's an earthquake that occurs while players are on their way to find Lizbert.

Lizbert pushes you to leave the island itself (which is also comprised of Bugsnax), and with the protagonist and character Filbo, you end up escaping to the town of Snaxberg. The Bugsnax are revolting and attacking here, however, and there's a massive set of waves of Bugsnax players must fight off while trying to save the remaining Grumpuses. That's where the two endings come in. From here, you need to remain extremely alert. What you accomplish from here will determine which ending you get when things draw to a close. 

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How to get the good ending in Bugsnax 

If you want to get the best ending possible in Bugsnax, you'll need to make sure you save every single one of the Grumpuses while the Bugsnax are devouring them. You can't let a single Grumpus die, because you'll need to save every single one on the island to get the best ending. You don't have to actively do anything different, but make sure every single Grumpus is free of the Bugsnax's clutches. 


If you do, when you finally finish up the fight against the Bugsnax and return to the mainland, Lizbert, Eggabell, and you are able to get to safety. You'll present your story to your in-game editor, and you'll be fired for walking out of the meeting at the beginning of the game. But that's not a big deal, as everyone is happy they experienced what they did. 


You get to chat with Snaktooth Island inhabitants about what they experienced as you see scenes interspersed with credits. During the credits, you see that Filbo becomes mayor as well as glimpses that offer a deeper look into everyone's lives past the big Bugsnax fight. It's a heartwarming end to a zany battle, and should satisfy most players. 

That leads to players finding a strange door before falling into a massive pit containing hungry Bugsnax. Lizbert is there, though she's no longer a Grumpus. She's been turned into a hybrid Grumpus-Bugsnax creature. It turns out that Bugsnax are parasites that take people over and eventually kill them. You may have had an inkling that this could be the case ahead of time. 

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How to get the bad ending in Bugsnax 

To get the bad ending in Bugsnax, simply let some of the Grumpuses you're trying to save die. Any will do, it doesn't have to be a massacre. The only thing that will change are the number of scenes that play during the montage on the island. Your Grumpus compatriots will be decidedly less enthused with the situation, you'll see far fewer scenes of the Grumpuses on the island being happy and enjoying themselves, and you won't get any post-credits scenes. 


Those are the only two endings available in Bugsnax, and it's exceedingly simple to decide which one you're going to get. It's well worth seeing both, so if you enjoy the game, it's not too difficult to just load an earlier save and play through both good and bad to see what's out there. You are whatever you eat -- and that's Bugsnax!

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