BLAST Announces 12,000 Fans Will Attend CSGO Fall Final

BLAST Announces 12,000 Fans Will Attend CSGO Fall Final

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Jack Marsh


14th Jun 2021 14:00

The online era in esports has arguably hit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the hardest, with their rigid schedule, gruelling practices, and a suspended time away from some of the most avid fans on the planet. 

Known for their insane LAN events that inspire millions of viewers, CS:GO is now set to reignite their love affair with the public, as BLAST reveals plans to get back in front of crowds.

The tournament organiser has revealed that the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals will be played on LAN in front of 12,000 fans at Copenhagen’s iconic Royal Arena.

BLAST Announce 12,000 Fans Will Attend Fall Finals

Nearly 20 months on since the last live audience was allowed into CS:GO fixtures, BLAST have revealed that they will be bringing players from their homes to the home of Counter-Strike. The venue played host to CS events in 2017, 2018, and 2019, all of which have been played in front of a sellout crowd. 

"BLAST has been eagerly awaiting this day for some time now," said Andrew Haworth, Commissioner for BLAST Premier, before adding "we’ve hugely missed arena events and being able to take our shows to CS:GO fans all around the world - nothing can replace the feeling of players entertaining and interacting with a live audience."

There is set to be eight teams who will travel to Denmark in November. Six teams will qualify from the Fall Groups (the top two from each of the three groups), and a further two will qualify from the Fall Showdown in October. 

The Fall Finals will offer a large portion of the $425,000 prize pool to the winners, who will also get automatic qualification for the World Finals.  

Dev1ce Reacts To BLAST Fall Finals LAN Announcement

Discussing the impacts of getting back to LAN in a public interview, Ninjas in Pyjamas star Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz said "the main benefits will be that the product will be much better for the viewers, players, and everyone involved. It's a more intense environment where everyone wants to win. You can see with the IEM Summer that many teams didn't really care and that's just how it is right now when we don't have LANs."

The stars are all set to compete back in front of fans, barring any further restrictions from the global pandemic, finally bringing CS:GO back to where it flourishes best.


Image via BLAST

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