Following their 2-0 victory over Vitality to go through in the BLAST Premier Spring Series, CompLexity IGL BlameF discussed the game with GGRecon.

23:46, 08 Feb 2020

Following their 2-0 victory over Vitality to go through in the BLAST Premier Spring Series, CompLexity IGL BlameF discussed the game with GGRecon.

blameF, you guys just qualified. The first team to go through regardless of what everyone thought. The juggernaut is real and you are definitely the face for it. How does it feel having an AWPer with you who just beat the number three AWPer and the number one AWPer in the world in one weekend so far?

I just want to give a lot of respect to poizon because I can see that the way he had to play this team, the way I have tried to help this team is definitely a lot different than he’d done in his past teams. He’s definitely tried to change a lot for the team, for the benefit of the team. He’s actually doing a lot of work right now and I think it’s pretty amazing that he performed that good individually. Even though he might not play like all the time like he wanted to in his old team and what he’s comfortable with. But he performs with it and maybe he also can see now that they were really good with this team. But we definitely have some times of practices’ where we are thinking that this is going really wrong like the clashes between me and him . Because he’s like an AWPer that focuses so much on individually and I’m more like focusing on the tactical aspect. But it seems to work nicely in officials so I’m really happy for him and he’s performing outstanding. It’s crazy.

blameF, yesterday we saw you guys picking Vertigo against Astralis as a next level mind game. Today, we saw you guys having Inferno where you destroyed Vitality even though you were 0-5 on it before. Was this a little bit of a mind game as well? Did you guys have a lot of preparation going into this or was this just you guys playing a game?

We definitely knew the exact veto again like we do in all the maps and we prepared really hard for those three maps. So the veto was set down for us. They, maybe, expected us to pick Dust II but we are not picking Mirage because we know they would probably expect us to pick the other one because we won Astralis the other day, no mind games. Like our coach, I wanna give him a lot of respect. He did an amazing anti-strat and we knew exactly what they were doing and then people just showed up individually and then there was not much for me to do after that. 

It looked like that on Mirage as well, where you guys were able to shut out ZywOo incredibly effectively with some very good flashes particularly when you were taking mid. It did seem like however, on Mirage, in particular, you were having some trouble in post plant situations where it seemed like communication wasn’t quite the best in the team. Do you think that that’s maybe the case?

With every tournament immediately after the [break] we need better communication for Inferno, but I think in Mirage we all played tactically but Inferno was just a game where people showed up individually. We definitely had some strong [plays] on Mirage. I think we knew, like I said what they’re doing, so that was pretty easy to follow the game plan and then in Inferno we didn’t even play that good. We played good CT side but T side we didn’t even play that good, and people just showed up individually and we still won the round. So, that’s amazing. 

Finally blame one last thing, you’ve talked a lot about how you guys knew every single veto coming in so far, and it seems like that’s something that generally only the very best teams are able to do. Where their map pool is so strong that they can play with everything. Do you think you guys have got a map pool that is so strong or is it more that you guys are coming in and no one really knows what to expect from you?

I think we definitely have a good map pool while I also think it’s because we are a  new team, so yeah.  I think it’s a mixture of both. In the end we know their favorite maps and if some of their best we don’t really like that much so it’s easy for us to just ban that and then we have Vertigo trick yesterday and we do do some things that like we really lock it and we keep winning the maps that we might not even want to play then people are afraid of them. So, I think it’s just a mixture of everything. 

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