Alcatraz Zombies is set to return for its third stint, as Black Ops Cold War continues the original zombies chronicles.

16:12, 11 Sep 2020

Zombies are back, and boy have we missed them. Weird thing to say about a hoard of the undead that are out to kill you, but the game mode is adored by the Call of Duty fandom, giving players endless hours of fun. Whether it be as a solo or in teams of up to four, the zombies game mode has been hugely entertaining since its conception with World at War's Nacht Der Untoten.

The night of the dead has already been leaked as the first zombies map to be returning in Black Ops Cold War, with the crash site now being occupied by Russian zombies, where you're to operate through the opening rounds with nothing but an M1911 and a flashlight.

Now, a second map has been rumoured to be returning, as prominent Call of Duty leaker, Tom Henderson, has declared that Alcatraz will be returning in what's set to be a direct remaster of the original.

Henderson then stated "I do not know in what format. It could be a direct remake... Could be a remake with the new crew involved etc. I don't know".

The Mob of the Dead map was originally brought to us in Black Ops 2, with a brand new cast of Finn O'Leary, Albert Arlington, Salvatore DeLuca, and Billy Handsome. It was later known that they fit into the zombies chronicles by linking directly to Dr Richtofens return from the Aether after being corrupted. 

It was remade in both Black Ops 3, and Black Ops 4, with different storylines each time. The Black Ops 3 version was only a fractured version though, featured in the map "Revelations". In Black Ops 4 it was remade as "Blood of the Dead", and also feature in the daylight as an area on Blackout.

With Black Ops Cold War looming, fans are already tantalizingly awaiting a full reveal of the zombies mode, which looks set to take us down memory lane.


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