The revamped Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Season 2 looks like it's adding a new mini-boss to Outbreak

16:00, 19 Feb 2021

While there are plenty of shooter franchises that have been dead and buried for a long time, it looks Activision has thrown the long-running Call of Duty into its own Lazarus pit and given the shambling corpse of CoD Zombies an injection of the T-Virus to carry it through to a new generation. Much like the main CoD series has come a long way from tackling Nazis in the trenches of World War II, Zombies has followed suit and is no longer just about blowing zombie Hitler to pieces.

While there were accusations Black Ops Cold War Zombies was a bit like a slow-walking Romero muncher, Treyarch is hoping to turn its fan-favourite add-on into a 28 Days Later-inspired running zombie with its upcoming Season 2 update. Even for those who think they've conquered "Die Maschine" and "Firebase Z" to slay their way through every zombie there is to slay, players have discovered a Black Ops Cold War Zombies mini-boss. 


What is the Black Ops Cold War Zombies mini-boss?

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Mini-Boss

As Activision revealed what's on the way in Black Ops Cold War's Season 2, there's a sneak peek at what looks like the next Zombies mini-boss. The snap is taken from the previously leaked Zombies Outbreak, which is an open world addition to Cold War's Fireteam maps that makes objectives the aim of the game. Adding to the hype surrounding Outbreak, vehicles are another new perk that mean we should be able to plough through zombies with ease. We're already living our undead GTA fantasies.

We're not fully sure how vehicles will work in Outbreak, but as devs explain a little more about the mode, fans picked up on what looks a familiar type of zombie mini-boss. Looking a bit like a Big Daddy from BioShock, this armoured monster is sure to be a thorn in our sides. Even though it's important to note there's no mention of mini-bosses in Outbreak, this colossal creature could spoil the surprise. Looking a little closer, it's not a Mangler, Mimic, or Megaton, suggesting it's an entirely new type of Cold War enemy hiding inside a rusted mech suit. Better yet, it can be seen wielding a flamethrower to add even more danger to the encounter.



What else do we know about the Black Ops Cold War Zombies mini-boss?

Until we get boots on the ground with Outbreak, we won't know whether we're barking up the wrong tree with this one. Interestingly, the mini-boss could be a remodelled version of a familiar foe. There are definitely similarities between this mysterious monster and the Panzersoldat that was introduced on the fan-favourite "Origins" map from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Those who've ever come across a Panzer will know they're one of the toughest Zombies enemies out there and were as frustrating as the Juggernaut (before Juggernauts were a thing).

Given how Black Ops Cold War has melded so much from the past of the Zombies series, it makes sense Panzers are also back with a new twist. The rust on the armour suggests Panzers have been trapped in the Dark Aether for a while, but with players last crossing paths with them in Black Ops III, it's been a fair few years since we've tackled one. Finally, will the Panzers be confined to Outbreak, or will they be busting free into the larger Zombies world? With rumours of a Russian mountains map and continued claims we'll be heading to Berlin at some point, it would be a shame to waste this flamethrowing foe on Outbreak



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