Players have been falling through the map on Moscow.

12:25, 26 Nov 2020

Black Ops Cold War is by no means the finished article. Whilst it has the undeniable potential to be the best Call of Duty ever, in its current state it has been described as feeling "unfinished" by many critics. 

Whilst the implementation of Nuketown '84 was able to paper over the cracks and allow players to enjoy a timeless classic that looked better than ever, the game as a whole still far from complete. 

One crack that hasn't been plastered though is a big gaping hole in the Russian map, Moscow. Although, it is invisible. 

Players that have opted to sway from the Nuketown 24/7 playlist and headed back into the default playlists may have found themselves falling through the map on Moscow. Nearby to the buses at the south side of the map, with the beautiful Moscow Kremlin as the backdrop, players have been found to be instantly dying because of this glitch.

One player managed to capture the insta-death and upload it to Twitter. User "Lucarist" showcases the glitch in action, just seconds after picking up a kill.


As you can see, the user heads over to the taxi to collect his well-earned dog tag, and instantly dies as a result of the fatal glitch.

Treyarch has so far been swift in their approach to patching glitches, as they quickly patched hardpoint exploits and other small bugs. However, this has yet to have been covered, so tread lightly over the pavements in Moscow for the short-term future.

With more maps set to be introduced in December, hopefully, the developers will manage to keep all boots on the ground, rather than through the floor.



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Image via Activision

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