As Activision gets ready for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the game's campaign footage has made its way online early.

13:34, 05 Oct 2020

Uh oh, it looks like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War isn't as covert as its characters would have us believe. A new leak has showcased footage of the game's main campaign a whole month before the game is due to hit current and next-gen consoles.

Although Activision has vowed to clamp down on leakers, that hasn't stopped a slew of details slipping through the net and giving player a glimpse at what's on the way. Call of Duty leaks are still coming thick and fast, while a simple search of the Twitterverse can unearth a goldmine of CoD content. This time, there's a cutscene from the game's campaign and hints there are others already out there if you look hard enough. 

We're guessing someone at Activision is going to get sacked for this one. Reputable leaker "BKTOOR" revealed the 31-second clip, which is relatively light in spoilers. Still, if you want a completely spoiler-free Cold War experience, you should probably stop now.

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In the leaked cutscene, a scarred man wearing sunglasses is overseeing an aircraft carrier that is being used as a base for a whole host of jets and helicopters. There's some suitably cinematic music to accompany the stunning visuals to give an idea of how Cold War's campaign will look.


Unless there are multiple scarred characters out there in Cold War, this is almost certainly CIA agent Russell Adler. Adler is tasked with stopping the Soviet agent known as Perseus and is described as "America's monster" with a "dark charisma". The only other takeaway is that Adler's beanie matches the one from his multiplayer avatar - which takes place two years after the main story. Think what you want about that little snippet.

Elsewhere, BKTOOR showed off a screenshot that included file names for 18 other cutscenes. The file names revealed locales like Moscow, Miami, and the Black Sea, proving it will be a tour around the world for this retelling of the Cold War's actual events.

Some have urged fans not to share the cutscenes if they come across them, however, that hasn't stopped them circulating like wildfire. Despite Activision's monumental marketing campaign, there have been critiques that there's not been enough detail on the campaign. Expect the leaked cutscene footage and details to help alleviate that slightly.


Let's be honest though, you're probably planning on buying the game or not. Some leaked cinematic scenes are unlikely to sway gamers to part with their cash if they weren't already going to. Either way, it looks like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's main story is shaping up quite nicely.



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Images via Activision

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