Prepare for the nostalgia.

11:05, 15 Jan 2021

Treyarch dropped off a huge express delivery for nostalgic Black Ops Fans, with a classic Search and Destroy map being dragged out the archives. 

Express has come from Black Ops 2, where it depicted the stereotypical Treyarch design of three lanes, with the small exception of a bullet train moving down anyone caught on the tracks. With bomb sites linked through terminals within each spawn, Express makes for a tactical masterclass relying on teamwork and communication. 

The developers have now announced that Express is being slipped into Black Ops Cold War, in the Season 1 Reloaded update on February 4. The event will also see Firebase Z come in, the brand-new Zombies map, alongside League Play, the ranked playlist in which Express first made its impact.

Express will come in as the third map from Black Ops 2 to be implemented, following Raid and Nuketown '84. However, this will not be the end of the previous content being brought back to life. According to renowned Call of Duty leaker "TheMW2Ghost", there will be "about eight more remakes" planned for later updates. This means that at least one map will land per season, with some coming in the reloaded events too.

Fans have now got their heart set on Standoff, arguably the best competitive map ever seen. With the return of OpTic Gaming back in their rightful place, it would be befitting that Standoff will return too, and thus bringing the OpTic Van back.


Others are also casting their eyes towards the likes of Meltdown, another dominant Search and Destroy map from Black Ops 2. Rumours also surfaced prior to the release of Cold War that the developers will be dipping their hands further into the bag and pulling Jungle and Summit from Black Ops 1.

Does this leave an unfinished feel to Black Ops Cold War though, with a lack of originality? 



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Image via Activision

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