BioShock Netflix Series Is Rumoured To Be On Its Way

BioShock Netflix Series Is Rumoured To Be On Its Way

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Mel Ramsay


30th Mar 2021 16:28

A BioShock Netflix series could be on its way - if rumours are to be believed. 

A 'trusted inside source' has claimed that it is actually coming, although we don't want to get our hopes up too much. Just look what happened with the movie, that was reportedly just eight weeks away from filming before it was shelved. 

Speaking to, the source claims that the 'BioShock series that would act as one of [Netflix's] flagship productions'.

First released in 2007, BioShock was a steampunk-inspired survival horror game that took us to the depths of the ocean and the futuristic city of Rapture. The first entry was a hit and quickly led to BioShock 2 in 2010. We then moved to the floating city of Columbia for BioShock: Infinite in 2013.

The BioShock movie was first announced in 2009 and had a potential all-star list of actors that included Eddie Redmayne and Jamie Dornan auditioning. Prison Break's Wentworth Miller hinted that he'd landed a role, there were screen tests for characters, director Gore Verbinski was circling a whopping $200 million budget, and he said there were "all kinds of crazy stuff" from the pre-production stage. In 2017, Verbinski told IGN just how close we were and claimed the movie was just eight weeks away from shooting.

Speaking to Collider, Verbinski explained what happened to his vision for BioShock and how he came to part ways with the project. Discussing his original pitch, Verbinski told the site, "It was talked about as one movie. And it was strange, my first meeting at Universal on 'Bioshock' was sitting in a room and saying, 'Hey guys, this is a $200 million R rated movie.' And it was silent. I remember my agent going, 'Why did you say that?' I'm like, because it is."

He continued, "That's before getting a scripted before anything. I'm just I just want to be clear. And I think everybody at the studio was well, yeah, okay, maybe. Wow, no. It's big, we know". Describing the whole thing as a "waste of time", he said BioShock's hope to stay faithful to the first game and keep its bloody backdrop was the nail in the coffin. "There are those people that deal with data. So, it was like new data that said, don't make the movie. So, fair enough", said Verbinksi.

"It was a glorious waste of time because I tried to be super clear, just absolutely honest, it's R-rated... That was even before, we're walking in with a, we've talked to the video game company. We've talked to [game director Ken] Levine, we're ready to go. Do you want to make it? I just said it, there was silence in the room full of 30 executives, marketing departments, everybody. Really tried to do this, so don't waste everybody's time if you're not going to make it."

Well fingers crossed that this Netflix rumour has legs. 


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