BioShock 4 Time Period Leaked Online

BioShock 4 Time Period Leaked Online

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Tom Chapman


6th Dec 2021 16:00

If you're ready for your regular dose of dystopian societal horror, there's some interesting scoop on Cloud Chamber's upcoming BioShock 4. It's been eight years since the triumphs of BioShock Infinite, so safe to say, we're hungry for more.

First birthed in 2007, 2K's OG BioShock took us into the underwater nightmares of Andrew Ryan's Rapture. We stuck with this setting for the 2010 sequel, but when it came to Infinite's release, we soared high in the floating city of Columbia. Despite this, there was an interconnected narrative of the games - and even an Infinite DLC that married them both. 

When Is BioShock 4 Set?

The latest rumours claim BioShock 4 will once again be finding a new place to call home, with reports of two warring cities that are the flip of each other, fighting a vertical war. It all sounds very Fortnite Flipped. Now that the setting has been potentially locked in, what about a year?

According to Sacred Symbols' Colin Moriarty, BioShock 4 will be set in the 1960s and take place in a city called Borealis. The next game is reportedly in the works under the codename "Parkside", with Moriarty saying Cloud Chamber "has incredible latitude to get it right", while also promising there will be ties to previous entries.

What Else Do We Know About BioShock 4?

Elsewhere, players are expecting a fully open-world game to come next. One of the franchise's best features has been the ability to explore the rich backdrops of Rapture and Columbia, so we can't wait to see what's on the way.

Although there were rumours of a fourth game for longer than we care to remember, BioShock 4 was only officially announced in December 2019. The newly formed Cloud Chamber is heading up production, but apart from that, details are thin on the ground.

Moriarty's words back up previous claims that BioShock 4 could be coming alongside a remastered version of the first game in 2022. This came from that massive Nvidia leak, so take things with a pinch of salt. However, with The Game Awards just around the corner, now could be the best time to reveal a little more of BioShock 4 and hand us the keys to Borealis. 


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