BioShock 4 Leaks Reveal New City Location

BioShock 4 Leaks Reveal New City Location
2K Games

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Tom Chapman


29th Nov 2021 15:51

Although we once thought 2K was leaving the world of BioShock behind with 2013's BioShock Infinite, those whispers of a long-rumoured BioShock 4 are finally coming true. The newly formed Cloud Chamber is heading up the latest entry, and now, fresh BioShock 4 leaks reveal the next locale.

The first two BioShock games took place in the underwater nightmare of Rapture, while we soared to new heights in Columbia for Infinite. These two worlds were a million miles apart, and yet, Infinite cleverly tied into the expanded lore of the previous games. So, where are we heading next?

BioShock 4 Leaks: What's The New City?

With BioShock 4 heading in a wholly new direction, we won't be returning to Columbia for another outing. At the same time, we feel like most of Rapture has been explored - especially with Infinite's Burial at Sea DLC. It looks increasingly likely that BioShock 4 will have a new city. Well, new cities.

According to @oopsleaks, BioShock 4's backdrop will focus on an above-ground city and its underground counterpart that is flipped. Think of it a bit like Stranger Things' Upside Down.

It's an interesting concept, with the two cities apparently being a literal class divide. Whereas the wealthy live on the surface, the underground city is led by a dictator who is waging a "vertical war" against their rich counterparts. 

BioShock 4 Leaks: When Will We Know More?

The images supposedly come from a BioShock 4 presentation, and there's a nice parallel with Infinite thanks to the symbols matching Elizabeth's bird and cage motif. Then again, it could easily be an elaborate hoax. 

Elsewhere, players have noted the website might be teasing a potential Game Awards announcement. This might not be all it seems, with the site existing since at least 2020. While we'd love to see BioShock 4 be possibly the biggest Game Awards reveal, there's no actual evidence it's on the way. 


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