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18:00, 24 Feb 2021

Each season, Activision adds new weapons to Call of Duty: Mobile that players can add to their loadout before entering a game. Similarly, COD Mobile Season 1 offers a variety of options in Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and more to choose from, having different damage, fire rate, recoil, and other stats. So, we have mentioned the best guns available in the game to help you create the best possible loadout in order to have an upper hand against the opponents.



ASM10 is one of the best weapons in COD Mobile Season 1

ASM10 has a damage rate of 49, which is the highest among all the assault rifles, making it one of the deadliest guns in close and mid-range fights. Not only this, but it also has a high accuracy rate making it easier for beginners to master the weapon.

  • Damage - 49
  • Accuracy - 72
  • Range - 48
  • Fire Rate - 55
  • Mobility - 60
  • Control - 52


Man-O-War is one of the best weapons in COD Mobile Season 1

It is another assault rifle on the list, having a high damage rate and range along with great control. Players using the Man-O-War can take down more than one enemy alone because of the high fire rate and mobility it provides.

  • Damage - 49
  • Accuracy - 69
  • Range - 56
  • Fire Rate - 50
  • Mobility - 59
  • Control - 53


NA-45 is one of the best weapons in COD Mobile Season 1

If you are engaged in a long-range fight, NA-45 is the one that you should definitely use to have the upper hand. It is a sniper rifle and provides enough damage to kill the opponents with a single bullet. You can unlock NA-45 by performing 30 headshots with a sniper in Call of Duty: Mobile.

  • Damage - 93
  • Accuracy - 70
  • Range - 95
  • Fire Rate - 45
  • Mobility - 54
  • Control - 70


M4LMG is one of the best weapons in COD Mobile Season 1

As the name suggests, M4LMG is a light machine gun, and although it provides a lesser amount of damage compared to ASM10 and Man-O-War, it has a higher accuracy rate which is highly beneficial in mid-range fights. It also has a very high firing rate that will help you maintain the score streaks easily.

  • Damage - 46
  • Accuracy - 61
  • Range - 64
  • Fire Rate - 63
  • Mobility - 44
  • Control - 59


Pharo is one of the best weapons in COD Mobile Season 1

SMGs are always preferred because of their lower recoil rate, but usually, they deal a lesser amount of damage. However, this is not the case with Pharo, which provides damage higher than a bunch of assault rifles available in the game, which increases your chance of winning.

  • Damage - 49
  • Accuracy - 49
  • Range - 43
  • Fire Rate - 68
  • Mobility - 75
  • Control - 39


HS0405 is one of the best weapons in COD Mobile Season 1

Usually, players don’t prefer shotguns because of their low fire rate and reloading speed. However, if you have good aim, these are the most dangerous guns. No matter which gun the other player is using, one bullet of the shotgun will take them down. Among all the shotguns available in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1, HS0405 has the highest damage rate and mobility. However, shotguns are quite difficult to master, so keep that in mind before adding them to your loadout.   

  • Damage - 100
  • Accuracy - 45
  • Range - 37
  • Fire Rate - 27
  • Mobility - 74
  • Control - 42

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Images via Activision

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