As the default sniper you need to be using the best Pelington 703 class & attachments in Black Ops Cold War.

13:00, 13 Nov 2020

Call of Duty sniping folklore starts and finishes with bolt-action snipers. Whether you’re a hardscoper or 360 quickscope extraordinaire, the bolt actions are always the go-to snipers, and Black Ops Cold War follows suit. The Pelington 703 Sniper Rifle is the first weapon a marksman will have access to as the default unlockable gun, and players have already begun to form montages of their cleanest shots. With many attachments, you’ll want to find the right build for what you’re aiming for. Here are our recommendations on the best Pelington 703 class & attachments for Cold War.


For a steady shot, the Pelington 703 is a fine choice. 

  • Barrel - 27.2” Combat recon
  • Underbarrel - Front Grip
  • Magazine - SALVO 9 Round Fast Mag
  • Handle - Dropshot Wrap
  • Stock - SAS Combat Stock

This combination will sacrifice a lot of speed for absolute precision. With these attachments, you’ll scarcely miss a shot, and when you do it certainly won’t be the weapons fault. It suits a more reserved game style, with a slow ADS time, but you’ll reap the rewards with a bit of patience. For accuracy, these is the best Pelington 703 class & attachments in Cold War.



Quickscoping is where sniper players will show their skills and add style points to long-distance shooting. It requires a quicker ADS time and sprint to fire time, at the expense of a little bit of accuracy. 

  • Optic - Visiontech 2x
  • Barrel - 26.5” Tiger Team
  • Underbarrel - Infiltrator Grip
  • Handle - Speed Tape
  • Stock - Raider Pad

These attachments minimise scope in time on the Pelington 703, allowing you to use it in mid and long-range scenarios like you would with MK2 Carbine in the previous Call of Duty games. With the shorter barrel, speed tape, and raider pad, your Pelington 703 will aim and shoot much faster than the default body. The optic is rather preferential though, with many opting for either a red dot sight or a variable zoom. With this blend, you’ll have the best Pelington 703 class & attachments in Cold War for Quickscoping.



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