A guide to the best KRIG-6 Class & Attachments for Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer.

15:06, 12 Nov 2020

The KRIG-6 comes into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with glowing reviews from the beta, hitting similar to the retro Galil that won the hearts of millions of Call of Duty fans. With the map designs favouring an Assault Rifle, here are the best KRIG-6 class & attachments in Cold War.


The KRIG-6 is the most versatile Assault Rifle and will benefit from speed and precision in multiplayer. By selecting attachments with a few cons, the KRIG-6 will be effective in all departments. 

  • Barrel - 15” CMV Mil-Spec
  • Muzzle - Agency Suppressor
  • Underbarrel - Infiltrator Grip
  • Stock - Wire Stock
  • Ammo- Jungle-Styled Mag

The grip and wire stock are chosen to benefit the weapon without any casualties in quality - they’ll simply make this weapon faster in terms of movement speed and ADS time. The suppressor will allow you to stay off the radar and the mil-spec barrel will add to its range without damaging any pace. These are the best KRIG-6 class & attachments for Black Ops Cold War.


If one Assault Rifle was destined for success in Warzone it would be the KRIG-6. The gun meta is calling out for a change after the Kilo 141 and M13 have begun to run their course, and the KRIG-6 could cause the shakeup that is necessary, upon December 10. Practice makes perfect though, so if you want to push this gun to its limits ahead of the integration, here’s what we recommend.

  • Barrel - 19.7” Takedown
  • Underbarrel - Foregrip
  • Stock - SAS Combat Stock
  • Muzzle - Suppressor
  • Ammo - Salvo 50 Round Fast Mag

These attachments are chosen to increase the range and the ADS movement speed, which is vital in Warzone. Equipped with a 50 round magazine, this loadout will shred through players with ease, and will not lack in speed. The suppressor will keep you off the radar too, in case you have assassin fever after so much Valhalla. With this blend, you’ll have the best KRIG-6 class & attachments in Black Ops Cold War to prepare for Warzone.


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Image via Activision

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