One of the weapons dropped in Modern Warfare Season 5, here's the Best ISO Warzone Loadout Attachments

16:40, 18 Aug 2020

With the introduction of Modern Warfare Season 5, two new guns have entered the scene: The ISO submachine gun and the AN-94 assault rifle. The ISO submachine gun makes its debut in Call of Duty and favours accuracy and fire rate. With the submachine meta dominated by the MP5, which has recently been nerfed, there is room for a new submachine gun to take over the playlists and become the best short-ranged weapon in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Here are the best ISO Warzone loadout attachments.

Best ISO Loadout Attachments (Warzone) - Speed and Slaying

Many of the high-fire-rate weapons, such as the Fennec and MP7 have failed to sustain themselves as an alternative to the MP5, especially in close-quarters gunfights. However, with the arrival of the ISO, we may have found a submachine gun that can outgun all opponents up close. Optimising the speed of the ISO will ensure that you can bounce from one fight to the next and come out unscathed, catching people off guard and gunning them down before they can fire back.

Best ISO Loadout
  • Barrel - FSS Nightshade
  • Underbarrel - Merc Foregrip
  • Rear Grip - FTAC Elite ISO Tape
  • Stock - Collapsible Stock
  • Optic - G.I. Mini Reflex

Here we opt for the best ISO Warzone loadout attachments that will increase speed, hip fire control and accuracy up close. The FSS Nightshade keeps the weapon suppressed whilst adding to the movement speed and increasing the range. The Merc Foregrip, FTAC Elite ISO Grip, and ISO Collapsible stock all combine to increase accuracy up close, by improving the aiming movement speed, ADS time and hip-fire accuracy. Finally, an optic is preferable but could be swapped out for a 5mW Laser or Sleight of Hand.

Best ISO Loadout Attachments (Warzone) - Precision and Power

For a more reserved playstyle where you find players at a mid-long range in open plains, optimising the accuracy and damage range will help you with the ISO. Swapping out attachments helping with ADS and hip-fire accuracy, you will need to utilise the aiming stability and decrease any recoil over a distance. 

Best ISO Loadout
  • Muzzle - Monolithic Suppressor 
  • Barrel - FSS Revolution
  • Underbarrel - Commando Foregrip
  • Rear Grip - FSS Vice ISO Grip
  • Ammunition - 50 Round Drums

Here we sacrifice a lot of mobility for sublime accuracy. Changing every attachment from the fast-paced loadout above, we've selected the best ISO Warzone loadout attachments that are perfect for precision and power. Starting with a longer barrel in the FSS Revolution, the Commando Foregrip, and the FSS Vice ISO Grip, all three combine to give much more control over the weapon's recoil and sway. This will allow you to remain accurate a mid-length engagement, whilst the fire rate keeps it lethal. The 50 Round Drums are very important for longer ranges as the 20 bullets that a standard clip hold makes it difficult to get more than one enemy per clip.

Best ISO Loadout

In addition to your attachments, it is crucial that you pair the ISO with the right perks, lethal and secondary weapon. Your secondary is preferential, however, depending on which class set-up from the above you choose, you should try and to pick a secondary which compliments it. Whilst carrying the long-ranged choice, it will be best to pair this with a submachine gun such as the MP5. If you'd prefer to run the short-ranged choice, then a sniper or a launcher may come in handy alongside it.

  • Perk 1 - EOD
  • Perk 2 - Overkill/Ghost
  • Perk 3 - Amped
  • Equipment - Flash
  • Lethal - C4

With this mixture, you'll have the perfect combination of mobility and stealth. Having amped will allow you to quickly change to your sniper or launcher should you need too, and the Flashbang and C4 will help you in many close gunfights, giving you that extra edge. This is the best ISO Warzone Loadout.

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Images via in-game screenshots | Call of Duty Modern Warfare | Activision

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