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18:18, 09 Nov 2020

Godfall is the upcoming hack and slash RPG by Counterplay Games that will no doubt find its way into many players freshly bought Playstation 5 or onto their PCs. While the game is definitely more than a tech demo, it makes for some sweet eye candy. Beyond graphics, the grinders heart is gently caressed by also incorporating progression systems via sweet, sweet loot. 

Beyond Valorplates and Augments, the game offers five kinds of weapon classes with unique abilities to choose from. Finding the best fit for you will definitely be required to get the most out of the Godfall experience. Here’s a quick and easy breakdown about the best Godfall Weapon Classes for you.

Best Godfall Weapon Classes - Longsword

Sword and board has also found into Godfall, though in a different way. Shields are available to all Weapon Classes. However, the benefit that Longsword offers is its well-balanced attack rate and damage, while also remaining solid in trait cooldowns and executions. Overall, it’s a well-balanced weapon that doesn’t fall behind in any category but also doesn’t overperform.

One of the signature moves (Weapon Arts) is Spiral Technique, a quick high damage frontal dash that deals damage in a line. The other one is Spectral Flurry, an area of effect ability that allows the Longsword to attack various enemies at once around the wearer.

Best Godfall Weapon Classes - Dual Blades

Death by a thousand cuts, that’s the idea behind the Dual Blades. The only dual-wielded weapon class allows players to quickly attack single targets with one-two strikes. While that typically suggests a focus on single target damage in most RPGs, the clever and cool solution for the Dual Blades is to put them on a rope during area of effect abilities, allowing the blades to strike wide in a circle.

This reflects in the signature abilities of the weapons. Inner Focus allows the player to build up a charge to unleash massive amounts of damage onto an opponent in a short period of time. Another unique ability from the Dual Blades comes at the hand of a pull ability called Mortal Coil, which allows the users to grab targets towards them. Pesky long-range enemies with high damage but low health points become easy targets this way, especially in group play.

Best Godfall Weapon Classes - Polearm

As a two-handed weapon, the Polearm focuses on lower attack speeds than the other aforementioned two, but does instead higher damage on each strike. That said, in comparison to the other two-handed weapons, it’s still quite agile which also translates into its gameplay. 


Moreover, the Polearm comes with an increased range as it can be thrown and allows users to strike further, also reaching the enemies in the back. While not intuitively the case, Polearms are the best ranged damage weapon class in Godfall.

Their first Weapon Art is a jump forward that crowd controls enemies and gets the Valor Knight in the middle of the action. The second one is a javelin throw, and well-aimed it takes quick care of ranged attackers.

Best Godfall Weapon Classes - Warhammer

Warhammers are of course the heavy hitters, delivering satisfying and devastating blows. Counterplay Games did an excellent job in making their attacks feel impactful, slamming grounds and enemies for area of effect and direct damage. Warhammer Valor Knights will have to build up charge in order to perform their abilities like the other classes, with both signature abilities focusing on big slams for damage around the player or around the hammer impact zone that then travels forward in a shockwave for directional AOE damage. As the nutcrackers of Godfall, Warhammers will of course deal great damage to well-armoured opponents. Wind-up time for attacks will leave you vulnerable, so watch out for timed attacks. In this, Warhammer is less forgiving than the other quicker weapon classes.

Best Godfall Weapon Classes - Greatsword

Greatsword is also one of the slower weapons that focus on wide swings but pack less AOE-punch. However, they make up in precision by offering weak spot modifiers that bring a ton of hurt. Their charge system works similar to other weapons by gaining charge by attacking enemies though the bar depletes while not partaking in combat. As long as you are “hot”, you’re able to perform your Weapon Arts. The first ability reminds of Diablo Barbarian’s whirlwind while the second one allows you to throw the sword towards weak points and deal massive damage in a line.

The playstyle is a sweet mix of cutting and slamming, with the weapon feeling impactful while not quite shattering like a Warhammer would.


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Image courtesy of Counterplay Studios

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