The Fennec has been added to Modern Warfare in Season 4, and we've already cracked the best Fennec attachments.

19:00, 11 Jun 2020

In the most recent update, Modern Warfare Season 4, the Fennec (Vector) has been added. First seen in Modern Warfare 2, the Fennec has featured in many varieties across the different titles, and now comes to Modern Warfare. The Fennec boasts ridiculous fire rate with a very low recoil, which will offer a different style of SMG play to the meta that we’ve seen before, dominated by the MP5. With the broad sphere of gunsmith options, the build for the Fennec is still experimental, however, we seem to have built the best version for multiplayer, and Warzone. Here’s our Call of Duty tips on the best Fennec attachments for multiplayer and best Fennec Warzone loadouts.

Best Fennec Attachments in Modern Warfare Multiplayer

With SMG play in multiplayer, you want to be able to snap on to targets as quickly and accurately as possible to make sure you can land those first bullets. In close-combat situations, you will want to choose attachments that will allow you to beat players with the gun’s reaction times as well as accuracy. To do this, we recommend the following as the best Fennec attachments for multiplayer.

Best Fennec Attachments Modern Warfare Multiplayer
Best Fennec Attachments Modern Warfare Multiplayer
  • ​​​​​Barrel – ZLR 18" Deadfall
  • Ammunition – 40 Round Drum Mags
  • Underbarrel – Merc Foregrip
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape
  • Perk - Slight of Hand

Merc Foregrip is a no brainer here, as it is fundamental of multiplayer SMG play, increasing hip fire and accuracy, helping you get that first bullet on your opponent. The ZLR 18” Deadfall barrel is exclusive to the Fennec and increases the aim down sight speed whilst maintaining accuracy. It also has a built-in monolithic suppressor which will increase range and keep you off the radar. The Stippled Grip Tape allows for effective aiming in multiple engagements, increasing aim down sight speed and sprint to fire speed. One major downfall of the fennec is it's small magazine which runs out of ammunition very quickly, and has a slow reload time. This can be counteracted with the 40 Round Drum Mag and Slight of Hand, perfect for getting multi-kills. This build will allow you to ruin multiple opponents in quick succession. These are the best Fennec attachments in multiplayer.

Best Fennec Attachments for Warzone loadouts

In comparison to multiplayer you will often come across players at slightly longer distances, and with the extra health due to armour plates, you will need to kit your Fennec out to remain accurate for longer. You will need to swap out some of the attachments that offer better mobility for attachments that will increase the aiming stability and aim movement speed. With the Fennec having very little recoil, you won’t need to optimise this. As you will often be running the Fennec alongside a sniper or AR, the range isn’t crucial, but ensuring this weapon stays accurate will contribute towards you racking up more kills. Here are the best Fennec attachments for Warzone loadouts.

Best Fennec Attachments Modern Warfare Warzone
Best Fennec Attachments Modern Warfare Warzone
  • Barrel – ZLR 18 Deadfall
  • Stock – ZLR Blade
  • Ammunition - 40 Round Drum Mag
  • Underbarrel – Commando Foregrip
  • Rear Grip – Granulated Grip Tape

Sticking with the ZLR 18” Deadfall barrel is a risky but effective choice. Many people will stick with the Monolithic Suppressor here but the Deadfall does everything the Suppressor does and more, increasing range, keeping you silent and off the radar, as well as increasing bullet velocity and aiming stability. Commando Foregrip, Granulated Grip Tape and ZLR Blade stock will all assist in the steadiness of the weapon, keeping it accurate over range at the expense of some mobility, which isn’t as necessary in Warzone. Finally, the 40 Round Drum Magazines are essential for Warzone too. These are the best Fennec attachments for Warzone loadouts.

Overall, it is too early to judge whether the Fennec will rival the MP5 as the best SMG in the game, especially with the Uzi’s rise in popularity, however, it is a welcome mix up of the meta that is seemingly tedious. Optimised by the best Fennec attachments, the Fennec's fire rate and accuracy could lead to it being a monstrous SMG.

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Images via in-game screenshots | Call of Duty | GGRecon

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