Meet The Fall King: The Fall Guys Player With Over 400 Crowns To His Name

Meet The Fall King: The Fall Guys Player With Over 400 Crowns To His Name

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Mackenzie O Brien


9th Sep 2020 16:00

A little over a month ago, on August 4, 2020, Fall Guys launched and took the world by storm. Many people were obsessed with the addicting game about jelly beans, and the general appeal of the battle royale was watching people stumble and flop around, with the common goal of taking home the crown. Some players, however, have focused more on mastering the game, learning how to qualify for each stage, and then securing the crown at the end.

Best Fall Guys Player
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A few weeks ago, popular streamer DrLupo was regarded as such a player, after the official Fall Guys Twitter announced to fans that the "statistically best" Fall Guys player would be gifted a secret, custom skin.

The Fall Guys devs stated that users would just have to check their inventory to see if they were "The Fallen One." Users were all clamouring for an answer, and, to bide time as players checked their inventory, the Fall Guys Twitter posted cryptic, ransom note-esque messages to their Twitter account.

On August 21, DrLupo posted a video confirming that he was indeed the owner of the legendary "The Fallen One" costume.

To verify this, the Fall Guys twitter account responded to and confirmed his claim that he was indeed "The Fallen One".

It seems that in the weeks after this legendary discovery, a new player has risen to the top of the Fall Guys ranks.

This player has secured win after win, some even speculating that his win streak has surpassed even DrLupo's.

The official Fall Guys Twitter has even given this player the spotlight, by showcasing his massive Twitter thread of victory after victory. They dubbed him the "Fall King," a name which this player has gladly accepted, and included in his Twitter handle.

This player is none other than InventorBLADES. As of the writing of this article, InventorBLADES has 453 Fall Guys wins under his belt, adding each consecutive victory to a massive thread on his Twitter page. When the official Fall Guys Twitter shouted him out five days ago, InventorBLADES had 345 wins in the game, meaning that, in under a week, he has pocketed 84 crowns.

InventorBLADES has challenged himself to win a game every half hour, a challenge that he seems to complete on the regular. An off-day for him is "only" getting a win every hour, which is still incredible by most players' standards.

This prolific skill stems from his mastery of the minigames that make up the world of Fall Guys. He has strategies for even the most difficult of Fall Guys stages, such as Slime Climb. His Twitch streams and Twitter supercuts make these complicated stages look easy, as the game seems to come naturally to him.

When asked about his strategies for each level, InventorBLADES told GGRecon that "there's only a few strats to each level, I've been playing since beta, so I learned through practice and trial and error."

This definitely helps to explain his vast knowledge of the game's many levels, a knowledge that many casual players don't seem to have. Whilst many just stumble around and attempt to survive the harsh world of Fall Guys, InventorBLADES is in tune with each level, giving him an edge over most.

Best Fall Guys Player
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He states, "every tap of the joystick or jump and dive counts; ESPECIALLY when it comes to the finals."

Because of his skill, InventorBLADES has been getting quite a bit of attention on Twitter. His thread is populated with users in complete awe of his massive record in the game. Many wonder just how high he will climb, and if he will ever get recognised, much like DrLupo did. It feels like it is only a matter of time before more people start to take notice of his impressive streak.

Until then, the Fall King has bigger things on his mind, such as breaking into the professional sphere. He is interested in securing a spot on Twitch Rivals, a goal that does not seem too far out of reach for him.

"As far as going pro, it's an idea I've thought about. Recently I've been pushing to get into Twitch Rivals on Twitch, but you have to be selected for that by Twitch Esports," he stated. "I think right now they are focused on inviting streamers with bigger influence because the game is new, growing, and they are looking for it to gain more traction. Anything is possible though; especially if one of the captains select me. Until then, I'm just gonna keep trying to get more wins. If not for anything else, I'll still be having fun."

Best Fall Guys Player
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While it might be uncertain who will pick up InventorBLADES, one thing is absolutely clear- he will continue to dominate in the Fall Guys sphere, racking up even more wins than he currently has. Players can only speculate how soon he'll reach 1,000 or above, especially with the rate at which he has climbed in just a month's time. No matter which way fans look at it, victory seems certain for the Fall King, whose legendary skill will continue to score him crown after crown.


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