A guide to the best Assault Rifles (AR) for Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer.

23:45, 12 Nov 2020

Picking your weapon is the most vital part of the experience in Call of Duty. Whichever weapon you’re wielding will be the foundations for how you experience the game, and finding the best gun to suit your game style is key. 

When it comes to the Assault Rifle department, there is a large variety, all of which differ in effectiveness, and can be enhanced through the gunsmith. The best Assault Rifles will have a solid blend of a time-to-kill (TTK) rate, good mobility, and aesthetically pleasing iron sights.

So as you’re heading into a new era of Call of Duty, we’re here to give you a helping hand on which weapon to choose. Here are the best Assault Rifles in Black Ops Cold War

#3 - FFAR-1

The FFAR-1 is the Black Ops 1 FAMAS reincarnated and on steroids. This assault rifle is monstrous and would rank higher if it wasn’t for the way it chomps through ammo. An extended mag does wonders for the FFAR-1 but this means sacrificing some mobility and accuracy. The weapon excels in mid-short range combat, struggling with its range, but for multiplayer maps with short lanes of sight, the FFAR-1 will be rampant.

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#2 - XM4

The XM4 is bound to be one of the most popular weapons in the game due to the success of the M4A1 in Modern Warfare. Its popularity will be warranted too, as it offers a stellar performance. Its accuracy is second to none and boasts an exceptional fire rate. It’s versatility also allows it to be effective at pretty much any range apart from point-blank where an AK74u will likely put you in the dirt. Its only flaw comes with its mobility that is slightly slower than the top-placed AR, and its chunky body is slightly heavier. Still, preference is key, and the XM4 may prove to be your favourite if you’re a slightly more reserved player.

Best Assault Rifles Black Ops Cold War
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#1 - Krig-6

The KRIG-6 has instantly been dubbed as the best Assault Rifle in Black Ops Cold War due to its versatility, power, and precision. This weapon, like the XM4, is impeccable at all ranges and is much swifter than its competition too. Streamlined and efficient, the Krig-6 will certainly be the main gun meta for the start of the Black Ops Cold War era.


Of course, each gun is preferential, and different attachments can be used to optimise each functionality. However, based upon their overall abilities, the KRIG-6 stands out from the crowd.



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