Battlefield 6 is taking us back to the future!

17:00, 30 Mar 2021

It's been three long years since the release of Battlefield V, and finally, it looks like we have some concrete evidence and information regarding the sixth instalment of the first-person shooter series. 

Insider Tom Henderson has shared a newsletter regarding this year's Battlefield game on Twitter, dispensing details about everything from the campaign, to the futuristic setting. 

Battlefield 6 Setting

Henderson revealed a lot about the context of the new Battlefield title, including that it will be set in 2025 - not too far, not too soon.

Battlefield 6 Campaign

Battlefield 6 will reportedly feature a "revolutionary" campaign, fighting for either the USA or Russia superpowers. Operate a specialist team, and take on missions from both sides. The campaign will include co-op support throughout, so you can fight alongside your friends.

Multiplayer is described as "Battlefield 3/4 on steroids".

Tom Henderson's weekly GONE GOLD Newsletter #1 - BATTLEFIELD
Tom Henderson's weekly GONE GOLD Newsletter #1 - BATTLEFIELD

Battlefield 6 Details And Perks

Apparently set to feature abilities similar to how Call of Duty perks work, Battlefield 6 will also include and "implement technology that is only just being experimented with by today's military", according to Henderson.

Expect to see drones, jets, and even robots, alongside the norm of tanks and helicopters.

Battlefield Battle Royale

Battlefield 6 Release Date

EA have already confirmed a new Battlefield game is coming this year, with an official reveal or trailer hinted for Spring time. 


Battlefield 6 Release Date

Battlefield 6 Battle Royale

As the Battle Royale hype rises, Battlefield aren't getting left behind. Henderson claims a 128 player BR is on the way, but possibly added later and after the release of the game, where you can play as one of four types of soldiers/classes, each with different perks. 


Finally, Henderson reported that the game will be simply be named "Battlefield." More news should be coming soon, and if all goes to plan, we could see a trailer for Battlefield 6 very soon.



Images via EA

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