New details about DICE's Battlefield 6 have made their way online, with the game's plot apparently being leaked.

11:24, 19 Apr 2021

DICE is rolling out the big guns with the upcoming release of Battlefield 6. With the sixth main entry in the long-running war series rumbling toward its release, players are demanding to know more. While the series has flipped between both modern and period settings, it sounds like Battlefield 6 will take the story somewhere completely new. It's no secret that the World War II Battlefield V was a disappointment to some, and with slumping sales also dragging it down, all eyes are on Battlefield 6 to deliver.

Just like rival Call of Duty is known for its 'all-star reveal trailers', the Battlefield team is an expert at getting us pumped for the next entry. The first Battlefield 6 reveal trailer is expected to drop in the next couple of weeks, but ahead of official confirmation of where (and when) in the world we're heading, we've got some potentially juice spoilers. If you want to know what's going on with Battlefield 6 before anyone else, the game's plot has supposedly leaked online.


What is the Battlefield 6 plot leak?

Trusted leaker Tom Henderson is known for his skills scooping the likes of CoD, but this time, he's got the inside track on Battlefield 6. According to Henderson, the main story of Battlefield 6 focuses on conflict between the USA and Russia. Apparently, your character is a special operative from other "fallen nations", with Henderson also claiming "all nations are playable in some capacity". By the sounds of it, Japan will feature in some form but might not be playable - suggesting Russia has invaded the island. Henderson said the trailer will take place at the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

If you're expecting the trailer to give everything away, Henderson said it will only show off Tanegashima, with a second trailer possibly coming in June. Given Henderson's track record with these sort of things, we're guessing he's on the money with all of the above. Then again, we'll have to take everything with a pinch of salt until DICE gives us the official nod. Henderson didn't talk about which era Battlefield 6 will be set in, but as well as the fact the Tanegashimsa Space Center wasn't built until 1969 ruling out a First or Second World War setting, he's previously said the game will take place in 2025.



What else do we know about the Battlefield 6 plot?

If you thought a USA and Russia conflict is a little too close to the Cold War setting of the latest Call of DutyBattlefield 6's fictional war and futuristic setting promise something very different. Remember that 2013's Battlefield 4 took us to the future with its own fictional depiction of 2020. Despite being a huge commercial success, Battlefield 4 was criticized for its short single-player campaign. As with many of these kinds of games, the main campaign feels like a tacked-on addition because multiplayer gets all the action. Thankfully, it sounds like DICE is putting a little more effort into the story this time around. 

Following the massive success of Black Ops Cold War, there's a lot of pressure for Battlefield 6 to perform. For as long as we can remember, these two franchises have duked it out, with CoD arguably coming out on top. Still, Battlefield 6 is clearly a priority. Only recently, EA delayed Need For Speed by a year and took the team over to work on Battlefield 6. The other big news is that Battlefield 6 could completely forgo a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release to make it one of the rare wholly next-gen titles that are starting to become more commonplace. Either way, DICE has its war-hungry Battlefield fan base firmly in its crosshairs.



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