Battlefield 2042 Insider Confirms Destructible Skyscrapers Were Cut

Battlefield 2042 Insider Confirms Destructible Skyscrapers Were Cut
Images: EA | DICE

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Joseph Kime


30th Nov 2021 13:22

Battlefield 2042 has launched at long last - to a chorus of sighs and groans. Though some are loving the game and heralding it as the return to form that Battlefield has needed, others couldn't be further from feeling the same.

The game has proven to be pretty buggy for most, with a multitude of missing features keeping the game from being fun for long-term fans. A big tease was destructible environments, which are found to be mostly absent from Battlefield 2042 in defiance of what brought many players to the franchise in the first place.

To add insult to injury, some Die Hard-inspired destructible skyscrapers were apparently considered and subsequently canned from the FPS title.

Why Were Battlefield 2042's Destructible Skyscrapers Axed?

Notorious leaker Tom Henderson has reported a fact that's bound to rile up a lot of Battlefield fans. Supposedly, the latest instalment was gearing up to bring massively destructible skyscrapers to the game, but they ended up on the cutting room floor.

Henderson suggests that collapsing skyscrapers were "too ambitious" for the team and their hardware, but that it could only really come to life if they were to revert back to 64 players per game and with smaller maps to boot.

It's a huge shame that such destruction, which has become the franchise's trademark at this stage, wasn't able to make it into the game. Especially as we'd expect the new generation of consoles to be able to manage large-scale setpieces like this.

This bears the question, can we expect collapsing skyscrapers this console generation, or are we left with exploding barrels and flimsy walls you can burst through? 

Will Destructible Skyscrapers Come This Console Generation?

It's hard to say yet if destructible skyscrapers will make it during this console generation, whether in Battlefield 2042 or whatever the franchise chooses to do next.

If new-gen can't handle such large-scale setpieces right now, there's little chance it'll be able to do it on these consoles at all unless EA and DICE elect to seriously downgrade other aspects of gameplay, which they're unlikely to do going forward.

Devs will need to innovate in order to continue competing with the likes of Halo and Call of Duty - so perhaps this destructibility could be just another dream until the next console generation.

It's a sad thought to confront, but if Battlefield 2042 just can't hack it, gamers might just have to wait until these monstrous setpieces are able to be implemented. After all, nobody can do it better than DICE - and it wouldn't be worth the rush.


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