Battlefield 2042 Has Officially Been Delayed

Battlefield 2042 Has Officially Been Delayed
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Joseph Kime


15th Sep 2021 12:37

Update: It has now been confirmed vis the Battlefield Twitter account that Battlefield 2042 has been pushed back to November 19 2021. The team cite the ongoing pandemic and the scope of the game as the reason for the push, and news concerning the open beta will be coming later this month.

It has been rumoured that Battlefield 2042 could be delayed. 

The move is expected to have been inspired by the game being simply unready for the originally proposed release date, as Battlefield 2042 seems pretty ambitious for an FPS title.

This move will leave the market open for Call of Duty: Vanguard to dominate the next-gen shooter market until the launch of Halo Infinite, as now, the choice between the two leading franchises of the genre has been wiped out.

Is Battlefield 2042 being delayed?

The pushback of Battlefield 2042 has been suggested by a collection of industry insiders - who are reporting that the rumour of a pushback is swirling internally. However, many of them have conflicting reports.

The news was broken by gaming leaker Okami Games, who corroborated a few leakers suggesting the delay.

Shpeshal_Nick, according to his tweet, had heard internally that the game would be delayed to 2022, which has pretty much cemented the idea for many fans. Elsewhere, FPS leaker Tom Henderson seems to recognise otherwise.

Henderson has posted an update on the delay news, suggesting that the pushback could only set the game back a few weeks, rather than a few months. If this is true, it'd save the game from a 2022 release date.

When will we know more about a Battlefield 2042 delay?

The suggestion of news by the end of the week is reassuring, but we're not entirely sure we can wait so long for what is bound to be bad news either way - and this is the best confirmation we'll get that Battlefield 2042 will be delayed, whether it be by weeks or months.

It’s a shame that we’ll have to wait a little longer for the game, but we’d much rather that the game was completely finished by release than it be released unfinished. We can’t help but remember the sorry state of Cyberpunk 2077's release, and we’re glad that Ripple Effect Studios’ latest likely won’t suffer the same fate.


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