Back 4 Blood Devs Apologise For Difficult Game

Back 4 Blood Devs Apologise For Difficult Game
Images: Turtle Rock Studios

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Joseph Kime


15th Nov 2021 14:05

Difficulty in video games has been a hot topic for some time now. Games like Dark Souls have helped to bolster player superiority for beating hard games, while gaming fans become more vitriolic when it comes to accessibility in gaming.

Some games don't even offer the option to reduce the difficulty for players struggling, and an awful lot of gamers think this is the way it should be. It doesn't matter if some fans would prefer to soak up the story - you suffer, or you didn't experience it correctly.

But, sometimes, the difficulty of games isn't exactly as intentional as some might expect. And now, the Back 4 Blood dev team is dishing out apologies for their title being a little too tough to topple.

Back 4 Blood Apologises For Difficult Game

Back 4 Blood Devs Apologise For Difficulty Game
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It seems as though the balancing of Back 4 Blood isn't quite finished, as Turtle Rock Studio has announced that they're still working on the game's difficulty.

In a post to the game's Reddit community, the team has offered an update on the game's progress and difficulty.

"Difficulty needs to be our 'baby bear' in Back 4 Blood's Goldilocks story", they say in the post. "It needs to be 'just right'. We want it tense. We want it challenging. We want you barely squeaking into the saferoom with a horde hot on your heels and you feeling that rush. We do not want it unmanageable.

"We do not want it to be unfair. [...] Part of reaching that goal is finding the right balance -- just right -- through constant adjustment to the various card systems, spawning systems, AI director, and other facets that affect gameplay."

Along with this direct confession of frustrations with the game's difficulty to fans, they've offered some insight into what's next when it comes to balancing Back 4 Blood.

Turtle Rock Confirms Next Steps To Balance Difficulty

In the post, Turtle Rock has expanded on the exact steps they're aiming to take in order to finalise the balancing of Back 4 Blood. Our Back 4 Blood review said pretty much the same thing, Back 4 Blood is just too hard in places. 

Ridden mutations are going to have their spawn rates reduced, trauma damage will also be reduced, there will be less of a hitch when playing with teammates using a speedrun deck, and some changes are going to be made to the melee cards, potentially bringing about some nerfs to balance everything out.

This accidental pep of difficulty might have come off as purposeful to some, but it looks like the game's going to be getting a little tweak to make it more accessible. Thank goodness for that, as some of us are so pants at video games as it is that the game was simply impossible breaks. Finally, the noobs get another shot.