Avengers' War For Wakanda Teases Scarlet Witch DLC

Avengers' War For Wakanda Teases Scarlet Witch DLC
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Tom Chapman


18th Aug 2021 11:14

There could be a flash of red in Marvel's Avengers, and no, it's not Iron Man zooming across the sky. While Crystal Dynamics' superhero spectacular has had its ups and downs, there are hopes that a bright future will keep the content coming. 

We're only just getting to grips with the long-delayed Black Panther update and the War for Wakanda DLC, but if you look close enough, you might spot the future of game hiding in plain sight. Preparing to cast a spell over us all, a Scarlet Witch DLC could be somewhere on the horizon.

Why do players think Scarlet Witch is coming to Marvel's Avengers?

Following the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman last year, Square Enix made the decision to delay the Black Panther DLC. Since the main game's release in August, we've seen the roster of Earth's Mightiest heroes be joined by new faces including Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. There's also confirmation that Spider-Man is still on the way, however, what about Wanda Maximoff using her witchy ways on the game's fanbase?

Posting on Reddit, u/FWM_Carlton showed off a tiny moment in War for Wakanda that teases the title's future. During the scene, players come across the Wakandan mystic called Zawavari and interrupt his conversation with "Wanda". We don't know about you, but there's only one Wanda that jumps to mind.

Fans loved the idea of a potential Scarlet Witch DLC. Someone wrote, "F**k spiderman! give me Wanda Maximoff!, while another added, "God I hope we get Wanda soon. She's my number 1 most anticipated her. Not everyone was convinced though.

A sceptic concluded: "Anyone who thinks this confirms scarlet witch as soon is going to be disappointed. Usually voice actors like this will record thousands of lines of dialogue so they don’t have to be recalled in on the project. This just confirms at time of recording CD has a thought they may include her)". 

When could we see Scarlet Witch in Marvel's Avengers?

Speculating about when we could get a Scarlet Witch - or dare we wish WandaVision - DLC is all well and good, but until the development team confirm her, there's no point. Remembering that Marvel's Avengers has been out for a full year, Black Panther is only the third new playable hero. We'd also probably lump Hawkeye and Kate Bishop in the same boat.

There have been obvious delays when it comes to the Avengers roadmap, but we're moving at a snail's pace. Added to this, there have been plenty of complaints, meaning critics aren't sure we'll ever get through the leaked list of heroes that have been doing the rounds. Although the list shrinks and grows every month, an impressive lineup includes She-Hulk, the Winter Soldier, Captain Marvel, and more.

Crossbones also makes his mark on War for Wakanda, but with the DLC being so fresh out of the box, we'll have to dig a little deeper to see if there are any more Easter eggs. Interestingly, Zawavari has also made a nod toward Doctor Strange and Loki, so any (or all) of the above could be primed for DLCs. Why not stick them all together and introduce the Multiverse of Madness?


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