An Interview With Dillon ''Attach'' Price, the beating heart of the Minnesota ROKKR roster.

19:30, 02 Feb 2021

Attaching yourself to a story or myth can decipher which visionary you are, and which path you may venture on. Do you believe that an almighty being created the world in six days? Or, are you a believer of the theory that two meteors collided and with a colossal big bang, the world as we know it sprouted? Can two huge boulders really smash together to make a fully functioning and dynamic core, or in this sense, make one smooth and fluid mechanic such as the old Nordic spinning wheel: the rokkr?

The Minnesota ROKKR has two worlds colliding in their new roster, but can they embed in time for the Call of Duty League 2021 season and stay true to their etymology?

For the ROKKR, their previous season was flipped on its head, despite being early contenders to win the championships. With three consecutive top-four finishes in the opening Home Series, the switch online was more damning for their roster than anyone else. The harsh reality led them to pick up just a further 20 points from the rest of the season, going from the top of the tree to eighth place, and an even lower showing on the world stage. With this, a change was inevitable and subsequently two worlds collided to create a brand new look for the new season.

One member of the new roster who epitomises the ROKKR’s journey is Dillon “Attach” Price, who searches for the flame that will reignite his path to greatness. Akin to a phoenix’s wings emerging from the ashes of extinguished hopes, Attach rises from the rubble of New York Subliners roster in the amethyst ROKKR colours hoping for another gemstone on his hand at the end of the year.

Turning the page

“Honestly, everything I’d heard about the organisation was really positive and good. Everyone I spoke to said that the people here are great, whether that’s the management, coaching team, or even production guys, everyone here is really talented and welcoming” began Attach. With a typical grin brimming from ear to ear, it was clear to see that his new home was warm and a steady breeding ground for both his competitive career and content creation. The decision behind joining the violaceous organisation was obvious; although it meant leaving New York behind and with it some of his most precious Call of Duty teammates, the new chapter here was too good an offer to turn down.

Continuing, he added “I didn’t really want to live on the east coast again this season so when I started looking for a team that wasn’t New York the opportunity to come to the ROKKR was one we couldn’t turn down. I’m really happy to be here”.

Attach Minnesota Rokkr
Image via Minnesota Rokkr

Saying goodbye was always going to be tough, considering the relationships formed and potential new recruits ahead of the restructure league. However, time was up for Attach, who needed a fresh new chapter in his short career. “New York was a great organisation," stated Attach, with his shoulders broadening and chest doing the talking instead of his mouth. It was clear to see from posture alone that the sentence that was to continue was one of pride - not just because of his time at New York, but because of the journey that has led him to the ROKKR. He continued by adding "When it came to the offseason, and they began to ask us what the plans were for the new season I knew I wanted to move away from the east coast and my time there was up”.


“When I said so, they were completely understanding and allowed me to go with no hard feelings; I feel lucky to have now represented two fantastic orgs. Obviously, there was a temptation to stay and remain near some familiar faces, but I knew quickly that there was the opportunity to team with the ROKKR”.

Familiar faces

With Attach head for the flight out from JFK airport, bags packed, and a jubilant spring in the spray-on-skinny jeans, only a sly nettle sting could put a dampener on the ROKKR and roll aptitude: the splitting of two formidable foes.


Attach truly broke on to the scene back in 2015 at the age of just 18. After becoming only one of two players in the history of Call of Duty esports to win a major LAN tournament at their first attempt, Attach broke an array of records in his first season – including none other than becoming the youngest player ever to be crowned World Champion. His instant success came hand in hand with the relationship that was built with Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto, the deadly duo that first formed at Denial Esports. Together they secured their first ring under FaZe Clan, and albeit with some minor breakups, managed to stick side-by-side until the end of the New York Subliners’ inaugural season.

“There were no hard feelings at all,” though claims Attach, who was also unaware that ZooMaa was just weeks away from retiring due to injury. “We were just moving in different directions” he added, before divulging that “we just wanted different things. Like it was sad to move away from him after being my duo for five years, but it felt like a good time. Tommy’s my brother. Has been for years and always will be. Obviously, he’s moved on now, and I wish him the best”.

Attach and ZooMaa
Image via Call of Duty World League | ZooMaa on Twitter

The funny thing about a phoenix is that when a Phoenix loses its scarlet-tipped feathers as flames burst around it, its skin is golden. Losing ZooMaa, on the surface, may look to be a weakness for Attach, it could very well be the opposite.


The roster is still full of familiar faces, and the year spent at the Subliners has meant a solid connection with Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi has been kindled.

Thinking that familiarity is favoured would not be uncommon, but it’s not the relationship off the sticks that has meant this new-formed duo has begun to burn. “I’ve seen him compete and he’s a great performer too with the assault rifle in hand. He reads the game great and is always communicating in-game to make decisions and help lead the group in different situations; he’s really a great player”.

“It’s definitely not because of being friends – obviously we are, but that means nothing to me. I don’t pick rosters because we’re friends. If they’re not good enough, then I don’t care I’m moving on without them. We’re all here to win, that’s the business. Staying with Accuracy is because he’s a great player and we work well together”.

Attach and Accuracy
Image via Call of Duty League

With one Subliners shaped boulder colliding with the meteor in the shape of a disfigured 'F', the big bang has birthed a Viking helm with flared tips and a teal blue trim glistening off the horns.


The suave and mauve roster doesn’t come as two pairs though, contrary to belief. Over in the SMG department, Attach, and the tiny terror Preston “Priestahh” Greiner has ripped up the opposition before, and here lies ROKKR’s deadliest combination.

When poised a question in regard to their relationship, the answer was plain and simple:

Preston is disgusting at Call of Duty.

As a man of many words and an expansive vocabulary, Attach’s feelings towards his miniature minotaur was crystal clear. "He’s one of the best players I’ve ever played with if not one of the best players ever – or he will be, come to the end of his career. It’s going to be great to play alongside him and Mike (Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak), who both bring so much to the team”.

Minnesota Rokkr 2021
Image via Minnesota Rokkr

A Summers Kiss

With the Minnesota ROKKR's fully flexed roster boasting inordinate ranges of skill, one question looms large: Do they have what it takes to make the underdog run and win the Call of Duty 2021 World Championships? 


Ultimately, their success will be based upon rings, as many other challengers have come and noticed. In order to truly etch their names in the history books, first, their names need to be scraped onto the winners' medal. 

Attach has never been a personality to sway from confidence though, and believes with no doubt in his mind that the side will be in contention for the title, and that there will be a summers kiss upon his second ring as the sun beams down over Minnesota. 

Their competition is fierce though. A roster so raw and new will have a tough time unhinging the likes of Dallas Empire and a scarcely familiar Atlanta FaZe and OpTic Chicago. "What’s great about this roster" began Attach, "is that we’ve all been in and around the scene for a couple of years and that’s meant that we’re all at similar levels. We all add different dynamics to the team and excel in different areas, so we all speak up and pitch in on how to improve".

"We don’t necessarily have a leader as we’re all quite experienced and all work together really well, whether it's tightening up on SnD or coordinating pushes on Hardpoint, we all have different qualities and communication that we bring to the team".


Emphasis on Attach and Priestahh's combination may well hold the key to their success in the new dawn of four versus four Call of Duty. With Accuracy and MajorManiak picking up the rotations and feeding the spawns, holding hills and trading kills is the name of the game in the SMG department. Unlike the nature of last season, much more value is placed on your life, and this is something that Attach believes will benefit the ROKKR. 

"The thing with five versus five was the fifth man, compared to fours, is basically allowed to do what he wants and roam around. Obviously, there were a lot more tactics and depth to that, but in an essence, the fifth man was there to do what they want".

"With four versus four everyone has their role. Five v Five was exciting, and I personally quite liked it, but that extra player made it hectic at times".

"My role doesn't change too much; it's still set on being a nuisance around objectives and stopping teams breaking into hills. Picking up kills and overly just being annoying by popping up in different places to disrupt the other team". 

The ROKKR's early display at the inaugural Kickoff Classic CDL curtain-raiser saw Toronto Ultra take both Hardpoint matches whilst Attach and co. were tight on both Control and Search and Destroy, although Attach believes that, despite this, that Minnesota are "in the upper echelon of teams", putting themselves in a similar bracket to the three forces that topped the tables last year.


To prove their worth though is a different matter. To many, they are just outside of the elite class, although a rye smile from Attach suggested that this doesn't bother the side, it may only spur them on to become a barking underdog with a strong helm. "The only thing we can do is win" was the message. "The reason we're here competing and the only way to be considered the best is to win".

"It's early and the season is a long stretch, but it's important for us to come out strong and get some solid wins under our belts. Once we get our opportunity, it's crucial that we take it and get those wins. We all won chips last year, and that's the goal again this year".


Whether there will be another ring on the hand of Attach, and a first for Accuracy, MajorManiak, and Priestahh, is too hard to predict, although this roster boasts the potential to blaze into an inferno at any given moment, devouring and engulfing teams that stand in their way. 

Two worlds have collided to make one entity, working off one centralised goal, churning like a machine in complete unison. The ancient Nordic rokkr that span yarn and thread was a wheel that bore spokes and a single spindle. Can the single goal for the Minnesota ROKKR have them typical of their namesake, tailoring together a Call of Duty World Championship winning roster?


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Image via Minnesota ROKKR

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