The Danish Giants have announced via press release that they expect to sign an agreement in the near future.

10:50, 28 Jan 2020

Astralis have today announced via a press release that they are expected to compete in the ESL Pro League.

They are clearly no strangers to the Pro League, having competed in the inaugural season under the TSM banner. In 2019 however, they failed to win a Pro League title. Finishing 5-6th at the hands of Liquid in Montpellier, and again falling to the eventual winners of mousesports at the latter end of the year.

The longstanding league has been going since 2017 but have recently come under fire for cutting teams and a lack of communication, in which teams expected to play in relegation were given 3 days notice to prepare for the Mountain Dew League. 

With the war between the FACEIT organized 'B-Site' league and ESL, it's clear who is on top following this announcement.

The statement read as followed:

ESL and a number of the world’s top CS:GO teams including Astralis have met in Paris to discuss the transformation of the ESL Pro League. ESL and the teams are looking to secure a long-term agreement.  

Negotiations regarding the final term sheet are still ongoing and are expected to be signed in the near future.  

Further announcements will be published when the circumstances require it. 

Best Regards
Astralis Group A/S
Anders Hørsholt


Image via ESL

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