Unbelievable performance from Complexity to stun everyone beating the CS Number 1's Astralis in the Blast Premier Spring Series

23:40, 07 Feb 2020

In the biggest upset of the BLAST Premier Spring Series so far, BlameF’s Complexity side have sent Astralis down to Group B’s lower bracket with an incredible win over Astralis, with Team Vitality joining the North American side in the Upper Bracket final with a victory over Natus Vincere.

Vitality crush NaVi to make it three in a row

In the first series of the weekend, ALEX’s French Vitality side saw off a disappointing NaVi to win the first series of the day in a 2-0 sweep. Despite the matchup being Vitality’s first for over two months, they were in control of the match from the very start, with NaVi needing huge rounds from new signings Perfecto and Boombl4 to keep themselves in the first map, Inferno. Despite a string of rounds from the Russian side towards the end of the first half, Vitality was able to pull away and take the map, with an eventual scoreline of 16-12 thanks to a huge triple kill from ZywOo in the final round.

After Vitality took the lead, it was on to Dust 2. Despite a strong start for Navi, the French side clawed their way into the lead thanks to some fantastic plays from RPK and ZywOo and once they took the lead, NaVi was dead in the water. Even s1mple himself couldn’t stop Vitality as his side fell to the lower bracket, where they face off against Astralis tomorrow.

Astralis upset by the Juggernauts

The second best-of-3 of the day saw the world’s best team, Astralis, facing off against a young Complexity side looking to prove that they could live up to the “Juggernaut” mantle. As it turned out, they were more than capable, winning the series in a more exciting 2-0 scoreline.

Dust 2 started things off, where Astralis started strong by winning the first five rounds. However, after the opening rounds, a spark seemed to light the fire of COL as they stormed into a sizeable lead, winning 15 out of the next 17 rounds to earn themselves map point. Despite Astralis stringing four consecutive rounds together, RUSH was able to win the final round for Complexity, sending the series to Astralis’ map pick.

That pick was Vertigo, the first time this iteration of the Complexity roster had ever played the map. Nevertheless, history began to repeat itself as Complexity grabbed a lead after some early Astralis momentum thanks in part to an impressive clutch from oBo. Although they went into the second half facing a three-round deficit, Complexity’s AWPers began to take control of the series heading into the second half. Once they got started, it was all about k0nfig and poizon, who managed to win all 11 of his 1v1 duels against his Astralis counterpart, device. Thanks to his stunning shots and some impressive retakes from blameF and k0nfig, Complexity closed out the upset and secured their spot in the upper bracket final against Vitality tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s matches start with NaVi facing off against Astralis, with the loser being knocked down to the Spring Showdown. That matchup is followed by Complexity vs Vitality, with the winner securing their spot in the Spring Finals alongside Team Liquid and FaZe Clan.

Image via Blast Premier

Check out our interview with oBo before the match with Astralis:

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