Assassin's Creed fans can now speak Valhalla's common tongue.

20:31, 17 Jan 2021

Valhalla took the Assassin's Creed series in a completely new direction, with the 2020 blockbuster heading to the Viking era to differ from the Italian Renaissance and ancient Middle-Eastern conflicts that were familiar with Ezio and Altair, respectively. 

Controlling Eivor, a Viking Raider and Clan Leader of the Norsemen who can be played either as male or female, players will lay siege on England after sailing across the North Sea from Norway.

Despite the change of scenery, many core values of Assassin's Creed have remained, and players have already found instances of the secret Isu language that has been littered through each rendition of the came since Assassin's Creed II.

Often used to decorate various Isu complexes and technologies in previous instalments, the script is normally used to tell the history of the Isu. Now, the passages can be found in captures on a secret folder on Layla's computer.

By accessing the SecureShare folder, seven captures can be found of various scripts pulled from walls, tombstones, and other buildings. Whilst the game will translate some of these for you, others will be left uncracked. Unless, of course, you can learn Isu.


Access the Animus, a renowned page that shares secrets on the Assassin's Creed lore has revealed ways in which Isu can be read, and released a video on how to learn the secret language.

Having racked up 20,000 views already, the video breaks down patterns of words and can now relate symbols to certain words. Cracking the rest of the code is almost like solving a pesky alphabeater crossword. 

Whether you are a devoted language enthusiast capable of speaking Dothrak or High Valerian from Game of Thrones, or simply would like to learn more about the history of Valhalla and the Assassin's Creed chronicles, this is right up your street. 



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Image via Ubisoft

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