He's revealed that he intends to press pause on streaming for at least a month.

11:08, 11 Jan 2021

Zack "Asmongold" rose to fame in the streaming world through both YouTube and Twitch, generally showcasing a flashy and stimulating personality whilst roaming the lands of World of Warcraft. Having notched up 1.9 million followers on Twitch and 216,603,487 views (as of writing) on YouTube, the Texas native continued on a surge in popularity during the digital takeover that occurred during the global pandemic. 

However, he has now explained that he will be pressing pause on streaming, a move which has been coming for quite some time. After missing various days of streaming, Asmongold headed to Twitter to explain to his fans that he is "taking a break from streaming indefinitely". The reasoning behind the hiatus is yet to be confirmed, although there seems to be a long list of thoughts cascading in his mind. 

"Since a lot of ppl are misinterpreting (could be my fault idk) I wanted to clear a couple of things up. Not quitting, just taking a break. I'm just not sure how long, probably a month or so".

Whilst there are many reasons behind his logic, Asmongold was also quick to outline that it was not a result of his Twitch chat or various frustrations on the star-studded streamer servers on Rust. Adding to his tweets, he stated: "It's not because of chat/Rust lol, obviously chat tilts me sometimes though".

Asmongold also has many other avenues to explore in his spare time now. The streamer is one of five owners of One True King (OTK) Network, a gaming organisation boasting a 140,000 strong Twitter following.


As to when he will be returning to streaming is also unknown, however, there will be a wealth of anticipation awaiting his return.


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Image via Twitch | Asmongold

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