One True King is said to be an Entertainment and Esports organisation based on friendship.

13:21, 12 Oct 2020

Twitch streamers Asmongold, Esfand, Mizkif, Tips Out, and Rich Campell have launched their own esports and entertainment organisation One True King (OTK).

In an announcement video, the founding members explained that OTK will have its focus on creating all kinds of content currently seemingly mostly focused around Blizzard Entertainment's MMORPG World of Warcraft, hosting Transmorg contests, third party world-first coverage, Burning Crusade tournaments and more content that the group has become known for.

The group disclosed that the idea of OTK had been discussed for over six months, with Campell and Asmongold adding Esfand and Tips Out as well as eventually Mizkif to the organisation. Based on friendship, the team had recruited its members based on the shared creative vision and different skill sets it brings to the table with the Classic Dueler's League (CDL) and its first tournament being the starting point of the idea. The CDL has organised three events collecting $50,000 (£39,000) for charity in its history with Tips Out organising a "consistent community-driven event in WoW" according to Esfand. 

"The main focus that we have is to come together in one place and creating content together and being together as a group of friends," stated former esports host Rich Campell in the announcement video. The group has also disclosed that it's looking to increase its numbers based on the same values that it was created for. Moreover, the group teased an entrance into esports with Mizkif taking the lead on signing a team.

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Image via One True King

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