The prospect scene is growing in Asian CS:GO.

18:30, 17 Oct 2020

Over the past two months, Asian teams have been the centre of attention for player transfers. Mostly from Wings Up Gaming, TIGER, and Mazaalai. A handful of small teams that were founded within the past two years. Most of these independent players will get a chance to play with the best from teammates like DD to neuz and even erkaSt - all great players that have a lot of tips and tricks to share with others. The Asian region is extremely underrated, considering Europe holds the best teams in the world. TYLOO is definitely one of the better examples for Asia with over one million in earnings and currently ranked first in Asia. 


The most recent pickups came from Mazaalai. A small team from Mongolia with just under twenty grand in lifetime earnings. They’re still a good team though and were only founded in 2019. Mazaalai placed second in their debut event at the HuyaTV SHARPSHOOTER Cup S1 after losing to 5Power Gaming. After a long fight, the team came home with seven thousand dollars and placed fifth at the Huya Asain Championships. Mazaalai summed up the year with a first-place finish at SEA Summit 2019. The team started to slow down in 2020 and became desperate for a couple of pickups. 

After parting ways with cool4st and Bart4k the team picked up ncl, yAmi, and Magnumz. With five years of experience and a second-place finish at the PAL Fall event, ncl was ready for a change. Before joining TIGER in March of this year, ncl started his career with The Monogolz. A team that is now inactive and once held the IEM Taipei title. After short stints with Storm Rider and AUGUST, ncl became a free agent with forty grand in lifetime earnings. With a 0.95 player rating over the past three months and lots of experience ncl should show average but consistent gameplay for fans of Mazaalai. 

The next two pickups have much smaller backgrounds. A new addition that goes by yAmi has competed in only a few large events. His experience includes three qualifiers with w2c and Born in Mongolia. IEM Beijing 2019 Open Qualifier was a disaster leaving yAmi dead last. Next came the ESL One Rio Open Qualifier in the Minor Asian division where yAmi subbed in for one game. He helped beat ikarus 2-0 and even got the most kills dropping fifty-six across two games. This came out to a +22 K-D difference with a 1.42 player rating. Pretty impressive for a substitute who was new to the competitive scene.

Next is Magnumz who played with yAmi for Born in Mongolia. His only recorded game at a competitive level was in the IEM Beijing 2019 Open Qualifier. He dropped eleven kills and played a generally bad game. Nothing much to grade but he could’ve been much more successful as a trial player for Mazaalai. The good thing is that he’ll once again be playing with yAmi and can hopefully work on some strats with his new team.



TIGER was also able to find some new players after parting ways with ncl. Their new trial players include cool4st and rate. Four qualifiers later cool4st has had very little time to prove himself. One of his best performances was when he dropped fifty-two kills and outperformed most of his teammates at an open qualifier. This was the same match that yAmi top fragged in. He also found the most AWP picks at twenty kills even though he’s a rifle player - really proving that he can pick up any gun and make use of it. Essentially what every team wants in a player. After that, he dropped eighty kills across two games with a whopping 1.44 player rating in the PAL Fall 2020 qualifier.

The last player for TIGER is rate. Another new player with a lack of experience looking to grow with a new team. Besides playing at the WDNMD Asia Invitational in 2020 rate has mostly played in qualifiers. Across five sets rate showed off talent other than entry fragging or showing off with the AWP. Instead, he became known as the assist guy. Dropping between fourteen and twenty assists, he allowed his teammates to easily clean up the damage he had done. This is a skill set that team owners lack when scouting out new players.


Wings Up Gaming joined in on the subject and picked up two new players of their own including gas and ChildKing. With eight years in the game and around ten grand in earnings, gas is a smart pickup for WU. He has multiple C-Tier first place finishes and found his peak placement of this year at CET 2020 with the team OneThree. He also placed first at FunSpark ULTI 2020 winning six sets in a row and earned fifteen grand in total. The last player transfer for the Asian region was ChildKing. Once a substitute for the original OneThree roster is now playing for WU. With multiple first-place finishes in the C-Tier division, King has made the transfer easy for his new team. He played along with gas at multiple events and was also able to put plenty of points on the board for his team. 

Images via TIGER | HLTV

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