We all enjoy a less appreciated region getting some attention, don't we?

16:00, 14 Feb 2021

APL Esports is back bringing Rocket League into several growth regions including Saudi Arabia, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and India for a total prize pool of $25,000 (~£18.000) kicking off in mid-March till mid-April. 28 teams in total will get to compete in five separate Asian and Middle Eastern events, which all come with their own customised formats. It's the second time that APL Esports has teamed up with Rocket League developer Psyonix after their initial collaboration on the event series "The Kickoff" in May 2020. Carrying the spirit forward, the APL Nationals look to bring the same energy to the Middle Eastern and Asian regions. 

You can sign up on the fun via APL's website here! For those more into watching the action, you'll be able to do so on APL Esports own Twitch channel as well as other community event organisers from the respective scenes who will be announced closer to the event.

APL Nationals Format Overview

Due to their own unique features, APL Esports decided to split the regions up in five tournaments each with their own customised event formats. They look as follows:

Saudi Arabia & Japan - $8,000 (£5,800) prize pool each

Two teams will be directly invited with six more qualified teams (four through a qualifier, two through a last chance qualifier) adding to a total of eight. The tournament will be held in a double-elimination format split into two groups of four with the top two teams from each side of the bracket being seeded into the playoffs. All Group Stage matches are BO5 with playoff matches upping to BO7.

Indonesia & Singapore - $3,500 (~£2,500) prize pool each

Instead of an eight-team event, Indonesia and Singapore remain mean and lean with four teams qualifying through one qualifier and no additional invitees. The tournament will be played out in double-elimination format. The amount of games per match remains the same while the winner of the upper bracket finals gets a 1-0 game advantage.

India - $2,000 (~£1,450) prize pool

While still sticking with the four-team format who all get in through a main qualification event, India's tournament will be run in a single-elimination bracket. 

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Image via APL Esports

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