One player thinks they've spotted an Apex Legends World's Edge glitch that could mean big changes for the map.

11:25, 26 Sep 2020

It looks like life's a glitch over in Apex Legends, as one player has spotted what they think is a sign of big changes coming to the World's Edge map. Since the game's release in early 2019, Respawn Entertainment has grown a loyal following of players who can't get enough of the first-person shooter. While map changes have been teased ahead of time before, the latest Apex Legends World's Edge glitch could've spoiled the surprise ahead of time.

Previously, Respawn has teased potential map changes by decorating areas with Hammond Robotics signs, construction flags, and giant Hammond Robotics holograms. Now, it looks like one has popped up in-game and could see an overhaul of the Skyhook area. So, what's really going on?

I found a Hammond Robotics logo above Skyhook. What could this mean? from r/apexlegends

Posting on Reddit, u/Dill_P1 showed how the signature Hammon Robotics "H" has appeared above Skyhook. These are normally activated by players turning on a beacon, but with everyone still on the dropship, the gamer claimed something else is going here. Added to this, no one else has been able to recreate the Apex Legends World's Edge glitch since, suggesting it was a one-off that wasn't supposed to be there.

It was enough to catch the attention of content creator Sethly, who took to YouTube to throw their own theories into the ring. The community has exploded with questions, while the most prevalent theory is that the hologram could have something to do with Skyhook's space elevator and the UFO that was glimpsed at Respawn's developer stream in June. Unless aliens plan on beaming us up, we need a way to access the UFO, with the space elevator being the perfect mode of transportation. 

Apex Legends Season 6 gave a tonne of new content and dropped Rampart into the mix, however, that hasn't stopped fans demanding to know what's on the way in Season 7. Alongside rumours of a new tropical map, a Legend called Valkyrie, and an eventual drop of the rumoured Olympus, an overhaul of Skyhook and potential tie to a wider world is a huge piece of news. 

As well as an upcoming Nintendo Switch release and the long-awaited debut of cross-play, Apex Legends is heading full-steam ahead to Season 7's proposed November 10 release. If Skyhook is due a facelift, expect some actual teasers and not just an Apex Legends World's Edge glitch to make it clear.


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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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