What is the cute little creature from Apex, and where did it come from?

11:30, 14 Apr 2021

Nessie is a fan-favourite Easter Egg monster in Apex Legends, loosely based on the Scottish legend of the Loch Ness Monster, these cute green plushies are strewn across the Kings Canyon map for inquisitive players to discover. There are also various Nessies dotted around the practice arena, the Firing Range, and hidden in the newest map Olympus.

The Kings Canyon Nessies are said to be left there by Legend Wattson, who grew up in the Apex Games thanks to her father's tireless work on the Ring technology. 

Nessie is a green Loch Ness Monster plush stuffed toy, and appears not only in that form, but also as cosmetic Badges and Weapon Charms in Apex Legends, proving her abject popularity. 

For those not in the know, we're here to break down the lore of Nessie, her origin, and just how you spell it...


where did apex legends' nessie come from?

From the very first day of release, Apex Legends players noticed a familiar green creature lurking around the then only map, King's Canyon - a Nessie. First appearing in Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall, fans of the studio recognised her immediately as a serial Easter Egg. Nessie has popped up in all of Respawn's games since Titanfall and even had her own dedicated shrine in Titanfall 2.

When asked why Nessie was making a reappearance (and what she was) by Kotaku, Respawn PR manager, Brad Hilderbrand, responded: “The plush dino critter is Nessie, a long-running Respawn Easter Egg. All the maps in Titanfall and Titanfall 2 had a hidden Nessie somewhere in them, so the team kept her legend alive in Apex.”

where did apex legends nessie come from

how to buy nessie apex legends?

Ever wanted to have a Nessie to call your own? Well, you're in luck! Respawn Entertainment decided to make Nessie a reality last year, and the 6-inch version of the soft plush toy was released (and sold out immediately). Now, Entertainment Earth are releasing two versions of the plush Nessie toy, in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes. Check them out here.

apex legends - is it Nessy or Nessie?

Although referred to as both across many articles and fandom pages, according to Respawn Entertainment and the Play Apex Twitter account - she is Nessie, with multiple of the cute creature being called Nessies.


This canon gal is also canonically female. The official Apex Legends Twitter account refers to Nessie as female, most likely due to the Loch Ness Monster legend having always been referred to as female in Scottish folklore.



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